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About Us at Explore Dubrovnik

Explore Dubrovnik is a boat rental agency located in Dubrovnik. We have our own fleet and are specialised in boat rentals as well as private boat tours. So why Explore Dubrovnik tours? With us you can explore Dubrovnik’s entire Riviera including its local islands, tucked away from the bustling crowds. Through our wide network of selected partners, we also offer a vast selection of yachts, sailboats, event ships and land tours. Our mission is to bring you the best experiences in Dubrovnik and its surroundings.

Here at Explore Dubrovnik we pay close attention to detail. From ensuring a smooth and safe sailing experience to bringing you the best advice when it comes to proportioning your vacation / stay period. We’re here to help you narrow down your search for the perfect boat hire in Dubrovnik. We like to take care of all the ‘little things’ and this is why we offer full guidance from start to finish.

Whether you’re seeking an alluring getaway saturated in moments of comfort and striking scenery or whether you’d prefer to sip cocktails by the water as you wait for your delicious lunch under the sun, we’ve got it all planned out for you. Our team offers exceptional customer service and is here to help craft the most exquisite memories. After all, we’re here to put your Dubrovnik dream into perspective! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via our contact portal & we will get back to you promptly.


    We create custom-made services Dubrovnik.

    The Explore Dubrovnik team is a dynamic collective of experienced people, equipped with geographical knowledge and a handful of positive energy. Our team is concise yet powerful as we work closely together to bring you the best experiences in Dubrovnik. Our passion for boats bursting at the seams, we’re here to assist and advise on excursions, activities, special occasions and all things sailing. We offer a range of custom-made services and are glad to be at your service in regards to utilising your holiday period to its full potential so that the quality of your trip leaves a pleasurable imprint.


    Private boat trips in and around Dubrovnik, made with love.

    We organise and conduct private boat trips in and around Dubrovnik. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on bringing you the most fun and good vibes whilst at sea. We structure our tours so that every detail is carefully covered, from the stops we make to the atmosphere we provide on board our services. Regardless of which experience you choose to book with us, we hold the promise of bringing you the loveliest and most memorable time.


    Our aim is to present you with the all-round all-inclusive feel whilst participating in any of our tours and services. At Explore Dubrovnik we understand that a large part of being on holiday is about allowing yourself to unwind, temporarily shutting our stresses away and seeing new things. This is why our team works extra hard when it comes to crafting your personalised experiences because we know that the recipe to relaxation and enjoyment stems from a mixture of things; from the sights you see to the cuisine you eat and so forth. We provide luxury boat tours in Dubrovnik through the summer. We aim to listen to our clients wishes and preferences in order to ensure that we paint the perfect picture of what it is to experience Dubrovnik’s treasures in supreme style and opulence.


    The satisfied crowd only 🙂  We welcome all explorers, discoverers, fun-doers, relaxers and curious souls aboard our services! The one thing our customers have in common for certain is the desire to get away from the crowds of the Old Town, even if it’s just for a few hours. We know you all want to enjoy Dubrovnik for what it is and that the busy atmosphere runs deep throughout the city no matter what time it is. We also know that escaping this temporarily can work wonders. This is where we swoop in and whizz you away to a place of stillness, contentedness and nature at its finest.

    5 Reasons to Choose Us

    Personalised Service

    Personalised Service - We make sure that you feel as King!

    High Quality Fleet

    High Quality Fleet - Best in Dubrovnik!

    Professional Crew

    Professional Crew - Best rated in Dubrovnik and wider!

    Destination Knowledge

    Destination Knowledge and local experience !

    Selected Collection of Activities

    Selected Collection of Activities

    High Quality Speedboats, Yachts, Event Ships

    Amaizing Destinations