Why Dubrovnik is flaming hot for 2022: ignite your travel


Putting out with the old and in with the new into perspective!

As we’re about to dip our toes into the vibrant season of spring, we’re all beginning to consider which destinations we want to discover and breathe-through this year. With so many hit locations rapidly surfacing in all corners, we’re being hit with heftier decision making and intensely structured planning now. Last year many of us were embarking on smaller retreats and consciously diving into nature but 2022 is the year we take bigger leaps. By this we’re talking stretching our perimeters in terms of comfort zones, longer distances and entirely new experiences. As the world crawls out of its pandemic induced pause, people are eager to ‘get out there’ now more than ever!

Tripadvisor has constructed a blazing list of top 10 Trending Destinations across the globe for 2022, with Dubrovnik landing right in the middle. The region previously known as Ragusa Republic is soaring on wish lists amongst all ages right now and is overtaking places such as Ibiza, Santorini and Turkey. The region offers lush portions of greenery, plenty of honey for the well-being, mouth-watering cuisine and all the Adriatic charm one needs to feel recollected and recharged.

Dubrovnik is widely infused with breath-taking scenery, an abundance of lively activities and chunks of Mediterranean heaven – all within finger tips reach of you this year. Travel restrictions are drastically softening and venturing is starting to feel normal again! Baring this in mind, what better moment than now to schedule a sunny getaway to get lost in this summer?

Island hopping
Island hopping with Explore Dubrovnik Private Tours

So you ask why choose Dubrovnik this summer?

Whether you’ve been longing for a change of environment and atmosphere all together or you’ve been wanting to go somewhere refreshing and sunny, Dubrovnik is the place that compensates for all that one has been missing – in every shape way and form.

So you’ve heard a lot about Croatia from friends in the past couple of years but haven’t had the opportunity to visit? Dubrovnik is a supreme choice for your first adventure. Adore seafood and Mediterranean culture but are scared due to a somewhat restrictive budget? Dubrovnik can accommodate to you regardless of this due its multiple options. Simply dying to go snorkelling whilst embracing the majestic Adriatic waters? Come and dive right in; there is so much on offer!

Not only this but Dubrovnik is a brilliant starting point for visiting a bunch of Croatia’s popular islands and is a hub for island hoppers wanting to discover multiple hidden gems without complication. Luckily Dubrovnik is brightly equipped transport-wise and can take you almost anywhere your heart desires.

swim stop
Discovering Dubrovnik by boat

Thousands have crossed Dubrovnik off their bucket list… Why not you?

With so much to choose from activity wise, Dubrovnik caters to people on all types of different walks of life and that’s what makes it such an attractive epicentre. The region strokes the hearts of all history lovers, architecture fanatics and wildlife fans; the city itself offers a huge selection of city experiences and wholesome day trips, whether you want to stay local and cosy exploring your surroundings or whether you want to delve further out and tick off other fractions of Croatia’s alluring coastline – Dubrovnik is the perfect place to do just this.

Dubrovnik falls under one of the world’s most hypnotizing walled cities and is Croatia’s most esteemed destination. A refined and enlightened Adriatic oasis, the city is saturated in beautiful baroque churches, gorgeous medieval fortifications and is humming with life all year round. Dubrovnik continues to wheel in stylish names such as Roman Abramovich, Naomi Campbell, Tom Cruise, Elisabeth Taylor and more, as it ages spectacularly.

The pedestrian only Old Town entrances all those within its reach and leaves an intricate imprint on all its visitors. Whether you find yourself only transiting and rushing through its cobbled terracotta glazed streets or whether you’re here to stay, you will experience its opulent trance for yourself within minutes. Strutting along the wall’s outskirts you are met with tons of attractions including lavish restaurants, energetic beach clubs, quirky wine bars and the finest of seafood bars.

snorkelling guest
Snorkelling in Dubrovnik

The hidden gems to catch a sight of

The coast itself universally acclaimed for its rock and pebble appearance, boasts impeccable beaches with amazing kayaking and diving facilities readily available. The wonderful thing about Dubrovnik is that you have access to beaches in abundance – you can check out Lapad Bay which is slightly west of the town or you can head off to Lokrum, only a short boat ride away from the Old Town and indulge in its salt lake, botanical garden and astonishing wildlife. And if you really want to unleash your inner explorer whilst having tons of fun, you can take off to the pinene scented Elaphiti Islands for a day you’ll cease to forget.

Amongst all the splendid experiences you can engulf yourself in, an Elaphite islands boat tour is a must whilst visiting. Dubrovnik boat rental is a plush encounter many wish to snatch whilst visiting as it gives you the opportunity to cruise the Elaphiti islands in utmost style as well as venturing out to hotspots such as Hvar, Mljet, Korcula and many more. Rewind Dubrovnik is given its meaning through the various moments of joy the region offers, leaving its visitors in awe of its endless possibilities.

Short boat trips from Dubrovnik are an ideal way to escape the crowds and pamper yourself without having to overstep your safe space completely – this is why so many visitors opt for a Dubrovnik boat trip to Lokrum, Kotor Dubrovnik boat trip or Elaphiti island cruise. You have the chance to see, feel and experience whatever you wish; if you decide on a Dubrovnik Private Tour, everything from itinerary to time-spent-in-location is entirely and exclusively down to you.

Happy guests Dubrovnik Boat Tour
Exploring Dubrovnik’s Riviera

The possibilities are endless – Here’s why you should grasp them

The benefits of Dubrovnik island tours are boundless, not only are you provided with one-on-one bonding moments with nature but you have the choice of snorkelling and swimming in many secluded bays without the fear of being disturbed. It is in these moments of pleasure that visitors feel like the Pearl of the Adriatic belongs to them. This is due to the fact that when people look for things to do in Dubrovnik, they are usually swarmed with choice and aren’t sure what to do in order to tick of their numerous want-to-dos in one shot.

Day cruises from Dubrovnik enable travellers to seize a variety of indulgent happenings in one go; being able to snorkel, swim, beach lounge, cocktail taste, restaurant hop and traverse mass historical sites all together. People also take great pleasure in the flexible and adjustable itineraries they’re provided with. Who doesn’t like being able to sculpt their own holiday tour based on their preferences alone?!

Guests on board
Private Boat Tours with Explore Dubrovnik

A warm heart is a welcome heart

When visiting a place that contrasts to home, you constantly find yourself turning to locals and others for information, advice and knowledge because let’s face it, you’re a stranger here. Constantly turning to others for help can become dreary and annoying because you feel like a newbie wherever you go and usually things that you’d have no issue executing alone become a little complex due to lack of information.

Another highlight of taking part in Dubrovnik island tours is that the tours are carried out by professional locals who are eager to enlighten you on the region and all its best fragments. For instance, Explore Dubrovnik skippers are at your service from departure to close and are more than happy to provide you with tailored suggestions, answers and positive vibes for the entire day – without that common feeling of being a needy tourist! In fact, our skippers love interacting with guests and go to extreme lengths to ensure they feel as comfortable and included as one can be.

Another perk of having such attentive company on a day seeping with adventure is that a weight gets lifted off your shoulders instantly. This is because the team does the thinking for you. This goes for route suggestions, weather conditions, activity planning and more. Talk about putting the mind at ease! In doing this, our staff guarantee a day that consists of nothing but blissful recreation, relaxation and delight, enabling guests to truly make the most of their time spent. Furthermore, we firmly believe that this is a flawless recipe for a day well spent at sea in Dalmatia, discovering the immense beauty that lays within Croatia’s most prepossessing corners.

Explore Dubrovnik Private Boat Tours
All aboard!

Seeking and finding: Serenity

Many guests find that the relieving and elastic nature of our tours play a big role in their stay as they can truly unwind, embrace and de-stress, which is what a lot of people seek in Dubrovnik.

Private boat trips have the power to genuinely complete a holiday and we encourage everyone to experience this for themselves at one point! Whether you’re looking for a lush escape from the noise or to fully immerse yourself in Mediterranean culture, your wishes can be fulfilled. And that, is the pleasure of dodging the ordinary and letting yourself loose in the best of hands. Dubrovnik is calling and welcomes you with open arms this summer!

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Written by Maya Barach

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