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Wedding celebrations with Explore Dubrovnik:

Special beginnings

Becoming formally united comes with a whirlwind of emotions just like any ‘big deal’ occurrence does. A handful of things that need taking into account. All the tiny details that happen to play big factors, rise to the surface. You try to contemplate what your day will look like but you sense that it can never be exactly as planned because that’s life. You feel like there’s so much going on all of a sudden. You have a million thoughts propelling themselves around your head .

From dress design to catering, from aesthetic matters to the never ending list of invites. What kind of venue do we want? What kind of atmosphere are we after? Are we keeping it traditional? The list of questions you ask yourself keeps trickling.

That feeling of sheer bliss. You and your special person decide you want to take your bond up a notch. The feeling of ‘this is really it’ swallows you whole but in a good way. You feel connected, excited and content all in one. But being human means that you can also feel a bunch of other not so fluttery feelings, especially as you try to piece your perfect day together under pressure.

It’s your choice

When planning a wedding, the venue should be at the top of the priority list. Everything else tends to revolve around that. If you have a selection of locations in mind, which most couples usually do, you need to look at the availability and narrow it down. At Explore Dubrovnik we know how sentimental these kind of unions are. This is why we aim to create the perfect atmosphere on board our vessels, to present you with an ultimately flawless wedding venue for your special day.

We know that most people hire a contact person to take care of things so that they have less to worry about. Our team of friendly locals are great at communicating in alignment with allocated contact persons. We know how important concise coordination is. This is why we provide brilliant communication throughout. After all, Explore Dubrovnik is here to help execute the wedding celebration of your dreams.

Food is another key factor of an ideal wedding celebration. This is why we give our clients a variety of options. We offer two dining options on board. The first option having us arrange catering services. The second option is having Explore Dubrovnik prepare your food on board. Our menu consists of a meat option, a fresh fish option and a vegetarian option. We also offer an open bar service on board our event vessels. Feel free to enquire about shall it be of interest.

Let’s talk vessels

The Dubrovnik Galleon is a replica of a 16th century merchant carrack, originating from Dubrovnik Republic. This is a great choice for those who have journeyed to Dubrovnik solely for its culture, scenery and vibes. The vessel offers 250 m2 of tastefully decorated mahogany and ash wood interior, two indoor saloons (one fully air conditioned), forward and aft sundecks, a fully equipped galley kitchen, two fully equipped bars and toilets. The ship has a capacity of up to 195 people, making it spectacular and generously accommodating. The Galleon offers authentic atmosphere and is a spectacular choice for celebrating.

Our Event Yacht is a grand event ship which accommodates up to 180 people and provides excellent hospitality throughout its use. The yacht is equipped with state-of-the-art studio equipment, exuding elegance with its modern interior and beautiful decks. Incredible views can be experienced from every angle of this stunning vessel, from morning to late night.

The Event Yacht comes with a shade deck as well as a sundeck, a covered terrace, an open deck with bar, an AC saloon with bar, a restaurant deck, teak floor, toilets and a professional kitchen with all the latest utensils. There is also a flat screen TV on board as well as a professional stereo with a wireless microphone for those important announcements. The yacht is installed with night LED lighting, making it a mesmerising paradise by night.

Personal preferences

We are aware that not everyone is into flashy, extravagant or large and this is entirely ok! As a company we like to cater to different clusters of people from all over the world. We also know that many couples travel to the enchanting city of Dubrovnik for the purpose of finalising their bond and celebrating here, not just for vacation. Over the years, tons of celebrities and big names have visited Dubrovnik for their own personal celebrations and many claim that the charm Dubrovnik holds cannot be found elsewhere.

As a destination, Dubrovnik is so many things. Its cobbled Old Town holds so much history in its walls, the Riviera blows every mind it comes into contact with. The locals possess indescribable qualities, from etiquette to being overly welcoming and radiating nothing but love. The cuisine is unmatched and refined, infused by nothing but pure Mediterranean passion. The nature that warps its way around the city’s architecture is alluring and bursting with scents that cradle the nose like nothing else. The sounds that bounce throughout the city are full of life and enthusiasm, making every stranger feel like they belong right at its core.

For smaller groups who want to celebrate, we have the Traditional Galleon which can hold up to 40 people. If it’s that traditional and authentic feeling you are seeking – look no further. This majestic Croatian wooden ship works wonders for those who want to come close together and share moments of joy. The Galleon is fully equipped from kitchen to sound system. This vessel caters to those who are looking for something unique in terms of experience, as well as a venue that checks the boxes but isn’t overly big.

Good vibes all round

The positive spark of renting one of our vessels is that we offer alternatives for if and when the weather decides to switch up. This is something a lot of people forget to think about. All our vessels have sheltered areas as well as open space. In regards to noise control, allow us to put your mind at ease. Due to our ‘venues’ being floating settings, loud music and dancing is never an issue. You can live out your energetic activities with peace of mind aboard our venues. Wedding celebrations with Explore Dubrovnik burst at the seams with productivity, as we host your event with utmost charisma.

Our team loves a good ceremony and is hands on when it comes to working together to bring you the best service in Dubrovnik. When booking your party with us, you are waltzing into astonishing customer service, attention to detail, positive energy and so much more. We are pleasured to take on wedding requests and help you fulfil your dream day in style. If you like the sound of what we have to offer but are unsure about where to start, don’t worry! Contact us with your enquiry and we will be happy to help get the process flowing.

Written by Maya Barach

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