Private Boat Tours Korcula from Dubrovnik Tour

Korcula from Dubrovnik Tour

Max. Capacity : 6 passengers
Duration : 8 Hrs
Price : 7,375 kn
Description :

The Korcula From Dubrovnik tour is a private boat tour with Quicksilver 675 speedboat. The advantage of our boat tours is that you get to enjoy sun, fresh air and amazing scenery along the way.

Korcula is 50 miles away from Dubrovnik, making it around 3hr sailing. Moreover, this tour is ideal for those that like long boat rides surrounded by magical scenery. If you are up for an adventure, then this is the tour for you. Furthermore, this is for you if you enjoy discovering historical heritage, nature and culture.

Korcula is the sixth largest island in Croatia and is known for its dense forest. Its’ medieval town is widely recognised as being world explorer Marco Polo’s birthplace. The town is infused with captivating cobblestone streets, endearing little shops and many independent cafes. The town also has a lot of bars and restaurants to enjoy. If you decide on walking to the top of the hill, you will be rewarded with spectacular views of the Old Town and its waters.

Upon arrival to Korcula, you will have around 3 hrs of leisure time. This will also depend on your preferences and how you like to spend your time. This tour is entirely private and the itinerary is up to you.  This means you can stop for a swim along the way and engage in activities as they present themselves. Email us or call for more details on the Korcula From Dubrovnik Tour by boat.