Private Boat Tours Game Of Thrones by Boat Tour

Game Of Thrones by Boat Tour

Max. Capacity : 6 passengers
Duration : 4 Hrs
Price : 4,425 kn
Description :

The Game Of Thrones By Boat Tour is an exclusively tailored boat tour. This tour takes you right into the heart of the Game of Thrones coastal filming locations. From the comfort of your own private speedboat. Not only are you provided with extensive guidance from your tour guide but you are also given the opportunity to embrace your inner explorer. 

Enjoy Dubrovnik’s charming Riviera, as you glide through the different filming locations in style. If you are a fan of Game Of Thrones then this is a spectacular choice for you. However, if you are not particularly a fan, this tour is still great for those who want to discover Dubrovnik’s outskirts and scenery. 

The Game Of Thrones By Boat Tour involves seeing plenty of nature, astonishing architecture and culture. Visit Highgardens, Red Keep and City of Quarth. Incredible experience for all those involved.

Our tour guides are all locals, therefore they can answer almost any question and offer any advice you may need. At Explore Dubrovnik, our aim is to ensure that all our clients have the best experience and are left feeling both satisfied and replenished. There is something extremely soothing about cruising through the Riviera and admiring the views. If it isn’t something you’ve done, we highly recommend this tour.