Private Boat Tours Elaphiti Islands Day Tour

Elaphiti Islands Day Tour

Max. Capacity : 6 passengers
Duration : 8 Hrs
Price : 4,425 kn
Description :

The Elaphiti Islands Day Tour is private boat tour, heading out from Dubrovnik to the Elaphiti Islands. This tour has a duration of 8 hours. The Elaphiti islands are an archipelago of several islands, northwest from Dubrovnik. All showcasing their unique beauty and nature differently. The most popular islands are Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan.

This full day boat tour is ideal for families or groups of friends wishing to explore a handful of islands and all their best spots.

Once you are on board, your allocated skipper will give you an introduction to all the necessary safety procedures, including a Covid 19 briefing. Once this is out of the way, your skipper will then share suggestions in regards to the route based on your wishes, weather and island traffic.

A slice of the Mediterranean

During the 8-hour tour you will have enough time for a variety of activities. This includes snorkelling with our provided masks, using the go pro to capture memories and exploring beautifully sandy beach Sunj. You also have the option of local wine and olive oil tasting and much more! Our tour offers you a day of pure tranquillity and bliss, as you are immersed into the heart of Mediterranean culture.

The first island on our way is Kolocep also known as Kalamota Island. This gem is well known for its 2 small villages and Blue Cave attraction. Once we anchor near the cave, you can take a refreshing dip into the crystal clear Adriatic Sea and take in the surroundings.

After seeing the caves, we will cruise along the stunning cliffs of the island as we make our way to Lopud. Lopud is popular for its old village and luxurious beach. Overall, it is a great place to catch the freshest seafood for lunch and truly unwind. There are also buggies available for those who don’t want to walk too much. This being said, walking to Sunj is a charming experience in itself.

Lastly, we will cruise along Lopud and head over to the biggest Elaphiti island, the Island of Sipan. We will then stop at the local village of Sudjuradj. Here you can admire the ancient architecture, take another dip if you fancy and make the most of our tour. Besides Sudjurad, there are a few secret spots spread across the islands we will take you to. The tour is private and tailored to your preferences. We will do our utmost best to create an unforgettable experience for you.