Private Boat Tours Dubrovnik Romantic Sunset Tour

Dubrovnik Romantic Sunset Tour

Max. Capacity : 4 passengers
Duration : 2 Hrs
Price : 1,875 kn
Description :

The Dubrovnik Romantic Sunset tour is a private boat tour from Dubrovnik. You can cruise along the Old Town Walls or head over to the beautiful Elaphiti Islands. Since the tour is private you get to choose where you wish to see the sunset.  Champagne is included in this private sunset tour. 

The Dubrovnik Romantic Sunset Tour r is a great choice for those wishing to relax and enjoy some lovely scenery. Cruising the Adriatic during sunset is extremely mesmerising. We head off into the depths on a mind blowing retreat and finish back at the port. 

This tour is with our Barakuda 545 speedboat and is ideal for up to 4 persons. So if you are looking for an experience that encourages bonding and tranquillity, this is it.  Allow us to whizz you away to some of the most enchanting views in Dubrovnik. Tour in comfort, privacy and peace. 

If you’re staying in Dubrovnik, then you will know how busy it can get. Sometimes all you need is a breathe of fresh air, away from the crowds. By choosing a tour with us, you are in for a refreshing treat. Although the duration isn’t overly long, this tour is exactly what you need for a quick pause.