Private Boat Tours Dubrovnik Panorama Tour

Dubrovnik Panorama Tour

Max. Capacity : 4 passengers
Duration : 1 Hrs
Price : 1,400 kn
Description :

The Dubrovnik Panorama Tour Offers the best views of Dubrovnik from the coastline. In this 1 hour long private boat tour, you will discover the City Walls, fortresses and the magical Island Lokrum. 

Although this isn’t a particularly long tour, it is definitely one that charms, engages and stimulates the senses. There is something incredibly relaxing about cruising along the City Walls and admiring the intricate architecture. Not to mention the beautiful fortresses that harness immense amounts of historical heritage within them. Despite Lokrum only being a short ride away, the journey there itself is mesmerising. You can feel the tranquillity as soon as you arrive on the Island. There are many enchanting coves scattered along the Island’s edges. The scenery is lush and the overall atmosphere is wonderful. You can even grab some tasty cuisine upon arrival. Or if you aren’t feeling peckish, you can take a brief stroll. 

Due to this tour being private, your itinerary is adjustable and your skipper can give you all the guidance you require. Dubrovnik Panorama tour is ideal for those who want to capture Dubrovnik’s beauty but aren’t too rich in time. Sit back, unwind and let us take care of things!