Private Boat Tours Dubrovnik – Hvar Boat Transfer

Dubrovnik – Hvar Boat Transfer

Max. Capacity : 4 passengers
Duration : 8 Hrs
Price : 12,000 kn
Description :

Dubrovnik – Hvar is more than just a boat transfer. This is a great way to admire the beautiful Adriatic coast as you sail towards Island Hvar. This is a private transfer and you will have the option of stopping on Korcula island. If you wish to skip Korcula, we can always stop at one of many other secluded bays for a swim.

The duration of this transfer is around 3 to 4 hours, depending on weather and sea conditions. The sea distance between destinations is about 85 nautical miles. Dubrovnik – Hvar Boat Transfer by Quicksilver 675 is ideal for up to 6 people. The boat is for 8 persons but due to distance and length of voyage we suggest 6 for maximum comfort.

Traveling by boat transfer has its many perks and advantages such as hassle free travel, unmatched comfort and punctuality. When choosing boat transfer, you are opting to travel in style on your own terms. Not only do we offer flexible transport but we turn our transfers into ‘mini tours’ because how can we not? The Adriatic waters harness immense beauty that you don’t find just anywhere! Sit back, enjoy and let us take care of it. We cut out the stress of getting on crowded public transport and the autonomy to decide upon sharing transport and with whom, plus we avoid all traffic jams.