Private Boat Tours Blue Cave “Quickie” Boat Tour

Blue Cave “Quickie” Boat Tour

Max. Capacity : 4 passengers
Duration : 2 Hrs
Price : 1,800 kn
Description :

The Blue Cave “Quickie” Boat Tour is a short but truly fun tour from Dubrovnik. This tour takes you to nearby island Kolocep where you will visit its Blue Cave. This is one of the rare blue caves you can swim in and it’s a handful of fun.

Once you arrive at the cave, you will have time to swim in its beautiful bay as well as in the cave itself. Throughout your tour you have full access to our range of refreshing drinks on board. Use your camera so  you can capture those shades of Adriatic blue and take some great memories back with you. The Blue Cave Boat tour is one of the most popular boat tours in Dubrovnik so going private is the best way to avoid crowds. 

Not only do we offer exclusivity with this tour but we also provide nothing but good vibes, peace and enjoyment.

The Blue Cave “Quickie” Boat Tour is ideal for those who seek adventure. During this tour you can admire the scenery as well as the beauty of the Adriatic Sea. The sailing period is a wonderful experience in itself, not to mention the ambiance in the Blue Cave!