Private Boat Tours Blue Cave Boat Tour

Blue Cave Boat Tour

Max. Capacity : 6 passengers
Duration : 2 Hrs
Price : 2,175 kn
Description :

The Blue Cave Boat Tour is a private speed boat tour from Dubrovnik to the Blue Cave on the Island of Kolocep. The Quicksilver 675 vessel can hold up to 8 people, creating a colourfully memorable experience.

The Blue Cave Tour is an entirely private tour, therefore tailored to your preferences. Free pick up from accommodation is available to all those residing within Dubrovnik Town. The tour starts from Port Gruz where you are given a warm welcome and are fully briefed on all things safety and Covid 19 related. Once the briefing is complete the vessel will set sail towards the Blue Cave.

Blue Cave by boat has a duration of 2 hours. The cave is located on the island of Kolocep. Around 20 minutes sailing distance from the port.

Hidden Gems of the Blue Cave Boat Tour

Island Kolocep also known as Kalamota island, is covered in olives, citrus and pine trees. It is known for its crystal clear waters, pebble beaches and the famous ‘Blue Cave’.

The island consists of two villages, Gornje (upper) and Donje (lower) Celo, built in the fifteenth century. Each village has its own beach and is made up of scattered traditional stone houses, engulfed in flowers and nature.

Upon reaching the island we will anchor near the cave. After that you can grab snorkelling masks that are provided on board including a go pro, and you can begin your swim into the cave. There’s a small entrance into the cave.  Depending on tides you might have to dive in order to enter it.

Taking a video with the go pro as you enter the cave is a necessity if you’re after amazing memories! After that captivating experience, we will have enough time to cruise along the cliffs of the island. This is great for absorbing the mesmerising scenery. Not to mention all of the perfect cliff jumping locations along the way.

The creme de la creme

If time allows, we suggest a visit to Lopud Island and sandy beach Sunj or one of the hidden spots. This is where you can relax minus the crowds. At Explore Dubrovnik, we do our best to avoid crowds and visit caves while it’s not busy. On our tour you will also visit other caves belonging to nearby islands. Prepare to spend an unforgettable 2 hours with us.