Prestige 440 yacht

The Prestige 440 Yacht designer pushed the design envelope in order to develop an interior that prioritises space and light. The wide body concept uses the maximum beam in the saloon in combination with large side windows to bathe the interior with light and create the true feeling of space. The deck and flybridge are exceptionally comfortable. The hull design is surprisingly comfortable when at sea and provides a smooth ride. Jeanneau Prestige 440 Yacht is perfect choice for day tours from Dubrovnik. Comfortable for 12 persons this yacht guarantees enjoyable day on water in Dubrovnik. Explore Dubrovnik Prestige 440 is available for half day and full day tour rentals. Tours a private and tailored to your needs. Rental of a yacht includes professional crew.

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  • Mljet Island Yacht Prestige 440 Tour from Dubrovnik
    Mljet Island yacht tour is a private tour from Dubrovnik to Mljet aboard our luxury yacht the Jeanneau Prestige 440....
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    Luxury Transfer from Dubrovnik to Split with our brilliant Prestige 440 Yacht. Dubrovnik to Split isn't only a transfer but...