island mljet boat tour

Island Mljet boat tour is a private tour from Dubrovnik to Island Mljet by Explore Dubrovnik. Discover beauty of Island Mljet, it’s National Park, hidden lagoons, sandy beaches and much more on this 8 hour boat tour from Dubrovnik. Island Mljet boat tour is fully private therefore stops along the tour are tailored to your preferences.

Some of the highlights during the boat trip are Saplunara Bay, National Park Mljet, Odysseus Cave, Limuni Beach, Prozurska Luka. Mljet is around 2 hr sailing distance from Dubrovnik (weather permitting). Since the tour is 8 hours  you won’t have time to visit all the amazing locations. Your Captain will advise on different routes and sights based on your preferences. Once you agree on the route, your adventure can start.

We suggest that tour starts from Port Gruz as you will save some sailing time compared to start from the Old Town Port. Once you leave the port you will cruise along Elaphiti Islands. First Island you will see is Kolocep. This is where popular Blue Cave is located. Second Island is Lopud ( popular for it’s sandy Sunj Beach), third and the biggest one is Island Sipan. Once you pass 3 main islands, your will cruise along small Elaphiti islets. South Mljet is popular for Saplunara bay, Limuni Bay and Prozurska Luka. All three are calm and well protected from the wind. Lush green forrest, Mediterranean scents and Adriatic blue sea surrounds them. Ideal stops for swimming, snorkeling, paddling and fresh local lunch.

Further North is a small town Polace which is an entry to National Park Mljet. You can visit National Park only on foot and there’s also an entrance fee. On the other side of the island is Odysseus Cave. The cave can be visited by boat only if winds are favourable. The cave is a few tens of meters wide therefore you can enter by swimming or paddle board provided on the yacht.

On your way back to Dubrovnik you might have time to stop on one of the Elaphiti islands.

Special Tip: Mljet Boat Tour is fully private and it can start at time of your choice. If you love sunsets, you can start the tour 7.5hr before the sunset time and enjoy sunset on the yacht as you sail back to Dubrovnik.

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