In order to make reservations, you must be 18 years old and be legally responsible to sign a contract in compatibility with these sales terms and conditions.

You are financially responsible of the good use of this site, both in your own name and in the name of a third party. This includes children under 18. Unless you can justify a fraudulent use independent of your will, you guarantee as well the exact truth of all information supplied by you or another third party using your data on this site.


The process of reservation includes the following steps :

  1. Select your excursion, enter number of participants and choose date and time of tour.
  2.  Fill in your details.
  3. Make 20% down payment. All payments will be effected in Croatian currency. The charged amount on your credit card account is converted into your local currency according to the exchange rate of credit card associations.
  4. After payment you will receive an email of confirmation. This email will be your e-ticket.

If you receive no confirmation within the 3 days, your reservation is cancelled and you will be free of any commitment.

To book the tour a 20 % down payment will be requested on the day of the booking. The balance will be requested at the latest on the day of the departure.

It is your responsibility to check that all the data transferred during the booking process is correct.

This data will allow you to receive the confirmation of your booking and/or get the benefits of the Products and Services according to your reservation. Should you not receive any confirmation, it is your responsibility to contact EXPLORE DUBROVNIK on +385 99 4517 545

PAYMENT BY CREDIT CARD AND E-COMMERCE : uses WSPay for online payments.

WSPay is a secure system for online payments, real time credit and debit card payments. WSPay also caters to other payment methods. WSPay ensures secure card data entry and transfer for both the buyer and the merchant. This is also confirmed by PCI DSS certificate. WSPay uses 256-bit SSL encryption and TLS 1.2 cryptographic protocol as the highest protection standards for data entry and transfer.

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WSPay uses 256-bit SSL encryption and TLS 1.2 cryptographic protocol as the highest protection standards for data entry and transfer.

Personal data used for the purposes of authorization and payment are deemed as confidential data.

WSPay does not process or use personal data except for the purpose of fulfilling the agreement, authorization and payment.

WSPay ensures to meet the requirements determined by applicable personal data protection regulations. This stands for the processors of personal data. Taking all necessary technical, organisational and security measures confirmed by PCI DSS Level 1 certificate.

All payments will be effected in Croatian currency. The charged amount on your credit card account is converted into your local currency according to the exchange rate of credit card associations.


EXPLORE DUBROVNIK is entitled to change all the routes or cancel the excursions in case of bad weather. The captain is the only one able to judge the sailing conditions and decide to cancel the excursion or not. In case of cancellation by EXPLORE DUBROVNIK, the passengers are either reimbursed or the tour is postponed to an other date with full consent.

Swimming is authorized during the stops under the passengers’ responsibility. In any case, the loan of swimming equipment by the company cannot be considered as a monitored official activity. All passengers accept to comply with the rules of the boats fixed by EXPLORE DUBROVNIK and to comply with the Captain or his assistant ‘s instructions .

Passengers should arrive 10 minutes before departure time. No reimbursement will be accepted in case of late arrival.


The electronic ticket is a virtual ticket. For all your reservations, you must present yourself in possession of the document confirming your reservation. « The email confirmation » being used as an electronic ticket.


The purchase of an online booking on the website EXPLORE DUBROVNIK is contractual. The acceptance of the present terms and conditions of sales and transportation by all participants of water sailing and sports activities proposed by Explore Dubrovnik for all passengers included in the reservation.

The electronic ticket, which is the online confirmation (or email) of your reservation by EXPLORE DUBROVNIK is personal and non transferable. It must be kept by the customer who has made the reservation online for one or several people.

It is ruled by the contractual terms between the parties and the mandatory legal and regulatory conditions of the Transport Code and the legal decrees No 66-420 of 18 June 1966, including the Decree No. 66-1078 of 31 December 1966 on charter contracts and maritime transportation.


Passengers must notify EXPLORE DUBROVNIK all against-indication or any inability which could violate the execution of the services it offers. (Water Activities: excursion
maritime, nautical and water sports, swimming, diving and snorkelling etc).

Passengers embark on their own responsibility and cannot hold EXPLORE DUBROVNIK responsible in case of injury related to their health status (handicap, illness, etc …). Either on board or during operations of boarding or disembarking or during water activities.

Passengers who need special assistance during the tour or water activities because of their state of health (handicapped people, blind people) are invited to notify the staff of EXPLORE DUBROVNIK before booking and boarding.


Pregnant women can undertake a sea excursion under their full responsibility beyond 2 months and before 6 months of pregnancy. Subject to the presentation to EXPLORE DUBROVNIK of a medical certificate authorizing a sea excursion. However, they can not engage the responsibility of EXPLORE DUBROVNIK for any reason whatsoever in case of injury.

EXPLORE DUBROVNIK cannot be held responsible in case of body accident, or any other incident in connection to pregnancy.

Nautical and water activities (water-skiing, buoys towed, jet) are prohibited for pregnant women.


EXPLORE DUBROVNIK do not accept unaccompanied minors. Children can embark and participate in excursions, as well as water sport  activities under the exclusive responsibility of the adults who accompany them.

For children under two years old, wearing a suitable life jacket is mandatory. Parents must report their presence to EXPLORE DUBROVNIK during the booking or before boarding.


Passengers must remain seated whilst sailing. Passengers must comply during boarding, disembarkation and for the entire duration of time they spend on board. This includes complying with the rules of the ship, including those established by EXPLORE DUBROVNIK and in general, complying with recommendations or instructions of the captain or his assistant(s).

EXPLORE DUBROVNIK declines any liability for any passenger injuries sustained whilst not complying with the present rules. Either on board or during embarkation or disembarkation operations.

Passengers will be liable for any damage of any kind that they could cause to themselves or to other passengers, third party, or to persons and property of EXPLORE DUBROVNIK.

EXPLORE DUBROVNIK declines any liability for all damages of any kind caused by
persons or property that are under the custody of passengers.

EXPLORE DUBROVNIK allows swimming during excursions on the occasion of swimming stops in the creeks. However, swimming is not monitored and remains under the passengers own responsibility. On this occasion, minor children remain under the responsibility of the adults who accompany them. People who do not know how to swim or swim badly must notify the cabin crew.

EXPLORE DUBROVNIK provides passengers with buoys and life jackets.

EXPLORE DUBROVNIK disclaims any responsibility for accidents or injuries occurred during swimming.


Any damage occurred during excursions or water sports and water activities must be reported by the passenger to EXPLORE DUBROVNIK before leaving the boat.

In case of damage to themselves and / or to their property (personal items), the passengers must notify the boat’s staff. EXPLORE DUBROVNIK will fill in a contradictory report together with the passenger(s) before leaving the ship . Should this requirement not be respected, passengers will be presumed to have disembarked safely with property in good condition.

EXPLORE DUBROVNIK disclaims any responsibility, unless covered by the Transportation decrees. This is the case for injury accidents occurred during navigation, excursions or water activities, embarkation or disembarkation operations in ports of departure or ports of destination, or in the ports of call and at sea during swimming.


Passengers can board with their Personal equipment (Camera, Mask snorkel, fins) under their own responsibility.

EXPLORE DUBROVNIK disclaims any responsibility for luggage, personal effect(s) or equipment embarked by the passengers, as well as money, jewelry or other valuables which remain, during the excursions and the other activities proposed by EXPLORE DUBROVNIK, under the exclusive responsibility of their owners.


EXPLORE DUBROVNIK puts some free of charge equipment for water sport activities (Masks fins, underwater camera, wind jacket, etc …) at the disposal of passengers.

It is obvious that the malfunction of this equipment does not entitle a passenger to get a refund or discount.

EXPLORE DUBROVNIK reserves its right to take legal action against any passenger who has voluntarily damaged the equipment kindly loaned.


As part of the festive evenings and excursions organized by EXPLORE DUBROVNIK (Coktails, evenings in the creeks, wedding preparations etc) Alcohol and tobacco is authorised if moderately consumed.

For reasons of safety and comfort of passengers, EXPLORE DUBROVNIK staff may need to limit or prohibit the consumption of alcohol or tobacco.

EXPLORE DUBROVNIK will be authorised to implement all the procedures or constraints necessary related to the passengers who, due to their behaviour, put others or staff members at risk, damages or deteriorates the property owned by EXPLORE DUBROVNIK, prevents staff from performing their job, does not comply with the recommendations and instructions of the staff or the captain.

EXPLORE DUBROVNIK reserves its right to disembark passengers who due to their behaviour, put at risk the security , tranquillity, or the comfort of other passengers or staff.


The descriptions of the services offered on the site specify the benefits included in the price for each service. Prices are quoted in Euros. Usually, our quotations include all taxes, fees and related service costs .

If payment is not valid, incomplete or non-existent, due to your own responsibility, the sale of our services will be cancelled. With consecutive costs at your own expense and if / where appropriate, legal action will be taken against you.


  1. By EXPLORE DUBROVNIK  : If for reasons such as bad weather, the excursion cannot not take place, you would be totally reimbursed with no fee retained.
  2. By the customer : If for personal reasons you choose to cancel your reservation one month prior the excursion date, your deposit will be refunded and no fee will be charged.
  3. In case you have to cancel your trip 5 days prior to the excursion date, your deposit will not be refunded (with a maximum of 20% of the total amount of the tour). Cancellations can be made up to 5 days before the excursion date.
  4. In case you have to cancel your trip less than 5 days before the tour date, your payment will be kept and no refund will be accepted.
  5. The only exceptions taken into consideration will be occurrences such as flight cancellation (proof must be emailed to If this is the case and protocol is followed, a full refund will be issued.


EXPLORE DUBROVNIK does its utmost best to provide photographs and illustrations which give you an overview of selected benefits.


Some activities proposed by EXPLORE DUBROVNIK that are described on our website might be cancelled due to bad weather or other conditions.


EXPLORE DUBROVNIK holds all intellectual property rights related to the Website owned and their usage rights relating thereto.

Access to the website does not grant you any right to the intellectual property rights related to the website which remains the exclusive property of EXPLORE DUBROVNIK.

The elements available on the Site, such as text, photographs, images, icons, maps, sounds, videos, software, database, data, are also protected by intellectual property rights.

Unless specifically authorized in the present chart, You may not, in any circumstances, reproduce, modify, transmit, publish, adapt, on any type of support whatsoever, by any means whatsoever, or in any way exploit all or part of the Site without the prior written consent of EXPLORE DUBROVNIK.


  • On the website

EXPLORE DUBROVNIK does not guarantee that the Site is free of anomalies, errors or bugs or that these can be corrected. It does not guarantee that the Site will operate without interruption or failure, nor that it is compatible with all hardware.

You declare to know the characteristics and limitations of the Internet, particularly its  technical performance, response times during consulting, querying or transferring data and the risks related to the security of communications.

  • On transportation related to excursions

The carrier’s liability could not be held in case of change of route, time or cancellation of departures due to bad weather of other conditions, fortuitous or otherwise. After the departure of the boat, no claim will be accepted regarding the tariff or the distance covered.