Sunset Private Tours & why YOU need to experience this for yourself

Sunset private tours

Let’s talk a little about sunsets in general

So you may be wondering why sunset private tours are so widely discussed and appear to be the highlight of many people’s holidays. In this blog we break down the benefits of watching the sun go down & why embarking on such a tour can really complete your time away. Follow us on a journey of enjoyment, relaxation and wholesome visuals as we sail you through this succulent sunset briefing.

Sunsets are invigorating, romantic and Instagram worthy slices of mother nature’s offerings. Although catching a sunset in any location comes with many benefits, there is nothing like the sunset you experience when abroad. There is something so empowering about being on holiday somewhere warm and vibrant, whilst having the opportunity of accompanying the sun as it goes down.

We often forget how much of luxury it is to be able to infuse our day with the sun’s enchantment and quite frequently take this for granted. We get it. Life is fast-paced, full of surprises and often runs ahead of us. Nonetheless, well-being wise – it is important to pause every so often and simply just inhale, exhale and ground ourselves. The sun is one of the, if not best tools to utilise for grounding purposes as well as many other positive purposes.

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Here are 6 reasons why you should open up a space for sunset:

Pocketful of sunshine

Research shows that the psychological effects of watching a sunset intensifies long-term satisfaction in life, fills you up with productive vibes and contributes to physical aspects such as stress relief and release of congested brain fog. To sum this up, sunsets are proven to de-clutter the anxious mind and provide a feeling of ease which leads to an uplifted mood.

It’s all about balance

Very often we find ourselves completely drowning in chaos from workload to personal issues. When this happens, becoming a hermit and hibernating indoors seems like the plausible option. This can be even more destructive but difficult to see whilst in the midst of things. Sunset watching gives us a reason to leave our ‘hibernation pod’ and grasp nature’s soul food without sacrificing too much time.

This means that we don’t have to beat ourselves up about time keeping like we would when we spend ridiculous chunks of time completing monotone day-to-day tasks. Sunset o’clock isn’t referred to as magic hour for no reason and even 15 to 20 minutes of being present and breathing in fresh air can make you feel revitalized and enfolded.

Natural healing

Another great reason to invest both time in yourself and the sun is because sunsets shower us in inspiration we’re not even aware of! Artists have turned to sunset for centuries and not without reason. The suns perennial nature has transcendent qualities that vibrate on a spiritual level; resonating with us in the most intrinsic ways which we tend to turn a blind eye to. Think healing, creativity, regeneration and balance when we say this. If you integrate the sun’s mysticism into your life in whatever amount suits you, the effects can be somewhat short of miraculous.

blissfully unaware & the quick remedy

As people, we are overly used to having the sun above us and cease to acknowledge it as our lives unfold. Making room for sunset is almost like an undo button for this. Not only is watching the sun rewarding but it makes you much more appreciative of the planet we inhabit. Statistics have proven that any interaction with the sun, whether its rising or setting, gives you a better sense of gratitude and how you view the earth you live on. Being part of a sunset audience diminishes distractions, pumps satisfaction into your body and helps you to be as present as one can be.

Double-sided capture

Although it is suggested to put your phone on mute and aside whilst watching so that you absorb every inch of delight – we can’t help but mention that sunset makes for perfect picture taking. No matter where you find yourself, capturing the suns beauty is a must. Whether you use social media or not; taking pictures of the entrancing light portal is somewhat a reflex.

Have you ever sat on a bench and gazed into the sun, then felt the urge to get your phone out? We know the answer to this one. Ever been walking somewhere and suddenly stopped to get that money-shot? We have too.

You can never go wrong with sharing a story of a beautiful sunset. Add some music and you’ve got yourself some winning content. Everyone loves a milky sky shot saturated in notes of warm fuchsia. Or orange beams laid on a bed of clouds. Another factor to take into account is that you will never see the same sunset again. Each one is completely unique and built in its own way.

recharge yourself

Watching the sunset has a timeless beauty embedded inside. The comforting tones and shades are strong enough to make even the busiest of bodies pause for a while. It’s soothingly easy to get lost in the colours and block out everything else, even for a short period. You can utilise this time frame to reflect, meditate and rid your mind of clutter.

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There’s nothing like a glowing sunset to end a healthy day!

The Dubrovnik Romantic Sunset Boat Tour is one of the most unique experiences you can grasp in the city. During this 2-hour duration, you get the opportunity to feast your eyes on one of the Adriatic’s most mesmerising sights – from the comfort of your own private vessel. Due to the exclusive nature of this tour, you are placed right in the heart of the moment. The rest of the world sweetly goes on silent and the moment is refined to just you, the sun and the waves beneath you.

Of course, your skipper is present throughout the tour however you can choose to interact as much or as little as you like. This is entirely up to you and what you want. This being said, your skipper is there to guide your tour and provide you with any advice or assistance you may need. Whether you are curious about Dalmatia’s historical heritage or want to try the best seafood in town, your skipper will do his best job at providing you with whatever information your heart desires. Or for instance, if you prefer being quiet and minimal contact; this too is on the menu!

The Romantic Sunset Tour is usually scheduled to start approximately 1.5 hours before the sun sets and due to this varying daily, the departure time revolves around this. The tour can begin from either Old Town Port or Port Gruz, the choice is completely yours. The trip is exclusively private meaning that you are given full control over where you cruise by / through, the atmosphere on board and how you distribute the duration of your tour.

You can cruise along the Old Town Walls and Lokrum Island or you can head towards the Elaphiti Islands, where you can admire the scenery whilst soaking in the last fractions of the day’s sun. No matter which route you side with, the surroundings are breath taking (perks of Dubrovnik) and will leave you speechless.

Our skippers are all locals and are fully equipped with all the possible knowledge you could look for in a guide figure. This makes the experience that bit more entrancing as you can ask as many questions as you like, seek suggestions along the way and generally feel at overall ease as you make the most of your evening.

Once the sun begins to rest, we can anchor the boat at your spot of choice and esteem the gorgeous sky, champagne in hand! Not only is the Sunset Tour a relaxing and intimate experience but it is also the perfect way to spend an evening with a loved one. We provide free champagne on board and let nature do most of the talking. The charm behind this tour is that it doesn’t require tons of work or effort to make the most of. Literally sit back and let your surroundings paint an alluring picture, just for you! This makes the Sunset Tour special because it really allows you to indulge in the moment, in comfort and in style.  

Add a special sprinkle

The Dubrovnik Romantic Sunset private boat tour is exceptional for proposals, special celebrations and spoiling loved ones. A truly charming way to shower someone with affection as well as a great opportunity to see Dubrovnik drawn in a different light. One of the lovely things about this type of tour is that it gives you an utterly new perspective on the city itself. The calming yet deep waves, the birds retreating through the slanting rays, the bobbing boats in the distance, the briny yet refreshing sea scent… all these factors play a big role in your experience and come together to create the perfect evening momentum – curated especially for you.

Dubrovnik Sunset by boat
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Still wondering about sunset private tours?

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or curiosities you may have. Aftercall, we do somewhat self-refer to ourselves as sunset connoisseurs! Contact us via email or on social media – We’re happy to provide you with answers.

Written by Maya Barach

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