A day on board with us- Diamonds of Dubrovnik

Elaphiti Islands Day Tour

You’ve just arrived in Dubrovnik’s picturesque Old Town and find yourself falling into its charm immediately. There’s something refreshing about putting your workload aside and letting yourself unwind as you decide on what you will explore next. Not only this but you are essentially in Dalmatia’s paradise central! Surrounded by spectacular scenery, mouth-watering cuisine and an atmosphere oozing with culture – you are in for an unforgettable retreat. Follow us us for an insight into Explore Dubrovnik private tours!

Well known for its evocative history, Dubrovnik is home to the country’s artistic and intellectual elite. The city harbours numerous activities you can plunge right into. Not only does it capture the eye through its land, but its waters are also rich in sourcing secluded slices of oasis. By this we refer to the collection of islands that are scattered around its edges, bringing magic its definition.

The islands are fundamentally known for their cultural heritage, pristine bays and tranquil surroundings. Dubrovnik’s archipelago islands make exquisite locations for boat excursions and day trips during getaways in the city. Something every traveller dreams of as they pick and choose between things to do. We know time is precious and possibilities are endless. This is why we craft our tours with different durations so that you extract the most from your trip whilst having a load of fun.

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Blue Cave, Stiniva and Paklinski Islands Boat Tour

Take a walk on the wild side 

Allow us to take you on a scenic trail as we disclose the options available to you. At Explore Dubrovnik our passion lays within Adriatic sailing and creating a bunch of impressive memories. All whilst bringing you the most extravagant experiences! Most of the reefs and islands around Dubrovnik fall into the Elaphiti archipelago. The Archipelago is considered the preferred exploring location due to untouched nature, intact architecture and inviting beaches found there. We offer a vibrant selection of tours departing from the heart of Dubrovnik and tailor each experience individually. So what can you expect from one of our tours? 

Serenity, joy, inspiration, euphoria and contentment are some of the many emotions you can be swept away by during your time with us. Explore Dubrovnik private tours bring the perfect balance of enjoyment and exhilaration. From the minute you decide to embark on one of our adventures to your return into the city, you will feel both mesmerised and refreshed. In contrast to many other companies, Explore Dubrovnik truly goes the extra mile to ensure our clients get the unique treatment they’ve been looking for. We pride ourselves on our ability in paying concise attention to detail, thinking outside of the box and brilliant customer service. A splendid recipe for beautiful moments inspired by the incandescence of the Mediterranean.

Picture this

You’re drinking your morning coffee while an orchestra of birds is chirping in the distance. The smell of flowers and salt water circles you as you complete your routine social media check. You decide to put your phone down for the day. The sun is shining and you feel ready for what the day is yet to bring. The atmosphere around you is bursting with life yet you feel a wave of calmness approach you. This is because you know you are in for a day of discovery and positive vibes aboard one of our personalised boat tours.

We arrange for you to be picked up at your location of choice (within Dubrovnik Town) then your uber takes you to Port Gruz, our main take off site. There you are met by your chosen vessel and skipper where you are given a thorough safety and Covid-19 related briefing before leaving. Upon your warm welcome aboard you can browse our selection of cold drinks and make yourself comfortable on one of our loungers. Due to the nature of our tours you are able to shift and shape your itinerary based on your wishes. Your skipper is there to listen to you and provide you with suggestions and guidance as required.

Although we do not provide snacks on board we are brilliant when it comes to recommending restaurants along the way. We can take care of any reservations so that you don’t have to worry. After all, we are huge cheerleaders of looking after our clients in all ways possible.

Take off 

We head towards our first location Kolocep or Kalamota Island as the locals call it. Just 5km away from Port Gruz, it is the smallest of inhabited islands belonging to the Elaphiti archipelago. The island consists of two small villages: Gornje Čelo on the southeast side and Donje Čelo on the north side. Although it’s not particularly a big island, there is an abundance of activities to engage in.

We start off by anchoring by the famous Blue Cave. This is where the show begins. You can dive straight into the water and snorkel right into the cave, taking one of our Go Pros with for some wonderful content production! We provide our clients with snorkelling masks so they can get right into it. If you’re feeling extra fancy, we can also arrange professional drone photography to take place throughout your tour but this is entirely up to you.

After what we call a meditation swim (this spot is exclusively known to be stress relieving & kind on the mind), we hop off on the island for some leisure time. During this time, based on what you’ve agreed on with your skipper, you can visit some sacral buildings like the pre-Romanesque St Anthony and St Nicholas church and Parish church (from the 15th century). You can also stroll down to one of the seafront cafes and enjoy some food, cocktails and views. 

If you’re a lover of nature you can take a hike / walk around the isle. You can cover the distance between the two villages in approx half an hour. There are several tiny paths intertwined with the olive groves and pine trees which can take you to some of the most wonderful viewpoints.

On to the next

Once you have got your dose of Kolocep’s wonder, we come back on board and set sail towards Lopud Island. Lopud is not only famous for its magnificent beach Šunj, but also for its historical background. If you are in the mood for some sightseeing you can visit its numerous medieval churches, summer homes and walls or perhaps you can admire the art collection that is kept in the Franciscan Monastery. There are also bikes and kayaks available for rent in case you are feeling energetic and want to go discovering on your own.

 At Explore Dubrovnik our team understands that everyone enjoys different things and what might suit one client won’t be of interest to the other. This is why we like to establish a bond with all our customers so that we can do our utmost best to work around your preferences and desires. If you decide on dedicating a few hours to one location and less to the other, this is exactly what we will do.

At Explore Dubrovnik we are all about flexibility and understanding. These two go hand in hand and are crucial when it comes to curating lush experiences. Prefer sunbathing to wine tasting? Chill mode is activated, beach and lounging it is. Rather grab some snacks and go on a mission to see all the best spots within a specific time frame? We’ve got you sorted. Decide that you want a break from the sun and some music in the background as we travel? Who’s your favourite artist? Take a stretch in the shade in one of our cosy corners and allow yourself to be consumed by the alluring Adriatic. Whatever it is you’d prefer, we’re here to give you just that.

A grand finish

So you’ve seen the rich vegetation, crystal blue coves and intriguing wildlife of Kolocep and Lopud. But your journey with us isn’t finished. You’ve carefully structured your tour with your skipper and are now about to go experience the hype behind the striking Šipan for yourself. Excited? Because we most definitely are!

Our team loves casting a light upon the elegance of Dubrovnik and its fascinating surroundings. We believe that everyone should get a chance to immerse themselves in the ambiance, culture and beauty of it at least once. At Explore Dubrovnik we are not heavy on over exaggerating things and enjoy the simple things such as a half or full day tour, some laughter and immaculate views from start to finish. 

 Šipan is the biggest of all 3 inhabited islands and is home to the Stijepovic Skocibuha castle, the Pakljena Benedictine monastery complex and St. Mary Church. The islands history dates all the way back to the 1370s and has various remains of churches from medieval times spread around. The island itself is peaceful and has a low traffic rate. It also has plenty of safe cycling / walking routes to enjoy. The beaches here are less popular than the one you would’ve seen on Lopud however there is a handful of small swimming spots dotted along the coastline that you can privately indulge in.

It’s up to you

Given the island’s layout, finding secluded beaches and isolated places is not an issue. Depending on what you’ve agreed with your skipper, you can put time aside solely for exploring these too. If you decide on taking a walk, you can take the popular route from Šipanska Luka to Velji Vrh. This is a 4-mile-long route that takes you to the highest hill on the island. Here can take in the breath-taking spread over the village and bay below, the whole archipelago and further to Mljet island and the Peljesac peninsula. In regards to how you spend your day and where – it’s completely up to you.

Once you finish up on Šipan we slowly get ready to depart towards Port Gruz. And we’re in luck because the sun has only just started setting. There’s something ever so romantic about floating above the deepness of the dark blue Adriatic and gazing into the sky – whether you’re with friends or with family. You can catch all the different tones in the clouds as the sun waves goodbye. After all, there’s nothing like a Mediterranean sunset watched from the waves. We can pour you a glass of taste tingling white (or whatever you prefer!) and you can lay back as we steer you into Dubrovnik in style. 

Here to help

During your time with us, you can also take a shower on board, watch tv and use all the appliances available to you. This depends on your boat of choice of course. If you need any help when it comes to selecting a vessel for your package, we are more than happy to advise you on this and anything else. So before you start running around the city from place to place, or even after; remember Explore Dubrovnik private tours are here to bring you your favourite boat tour yet. Saturated in relaxation and Croatian tradition, signed off with pleasure.

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