Marathon Madness in Dubrovnik: a runners jackpot

Du Motion

So what are we talking about?

The Du Motion race is a sense stimulating occurrence that stirs up quite a colourful scene in Dubrovnik every year. It is open to everyone and welcomes people of all different walks of life. As long as you feel proactive and up to the challenge, getting registered is quick and easy and can be done online. With more and more people delving into fitness, running is the perfect outlet and form of release for many across the globe. Getting started is never easy but once you break past the barriers, it can become deeply satisfying and the rewards reaped are somewhat magical. Races in Croatia are a thought altering experience and here’s why.

Du Motion in all its glory:

The Walls of Dubrovnik offer a picturesque trail enriched with historical heritage that takes you on an adventure like no other. Words cannot encapsulate half of the experience itself but can serve as a little insight into what is to come. The medieval walls guide you through a movie-like encounter with Dubrovnik’s beauty, blended with a pinch of renaissance charm and height. This once a year event clears the walls of tourist and makes way for runners from different corners of the world.

On this special day, the walls become a playground for fitness lovers and transcend into a unique track full of fun. It’s inevitable that all those within close proximity to the Riviera can feel the motivation floating through the breeze as runners unite together for a day well spent in the sun. You can really feel the pearl of the Adriatic come alive during the Du Motion Marathon.

A win-win situation!

The marathon isn’t called Du Motion for no reason and it’s not difficult to see why! A challenging rhythm is inflicted on partakers from start to finish and summons runners to take on some 1080 steps whilst conquering the smooth ancient paving throughout the course. Due to the complex nature of the walls, even the most durable participants are given obstacles and really find themselves pushing their boundaries in order to breach the finish line. What fuels all the enthusiasm are the spectacular views that can be enjoyed from a 360 scope and the dazzling Adriatic waters down below. This race is both thrilling and rewarding, creating a sublime experience. One that’s not to be forgotten!

The Du Motion race was brought to life in 2015 with the goal of getting Dubrovnik moving and due to its growth in popularity, the race has rebirthed as a multi-day sports event! The day boasts up to four races and includes the Du Motion Expo which is a gathering space for attendees as well as Du Motion chat, where well-known lecturers share their thoughts on running and all things similar. The day also has a 5K charity race as well as a Kids Day and provides a day well-spent to truly carve your Dubrovnik experience.

Good-looking what’s cooking?

In 2016, the governing body for athletics in Europe in charge of safety and road race standards awarded Dubrovnik Half Marathon with a whopping 5 stars for its course quality. This is quite the achievement as it’s the biggest recognition a race can get and requires meeting as many as 54 different criteria (quality, organisation, international participation and more). If that doesn’t define impressive then what does! The umbrella association of Croatian travel agencies and the refined travel magazine Way to Croatia awarded Du Motion with “Simply the best” award due to its creativity, touristic novelty and contribution to touristic development with the Events – Sport and recreation section. Now we’re talking majestic!

So not only are Du Motion 2022 applications super straightforward to complete but the Du Motion website offers a jaw-dropping Run The Wall Package which provides you with everything you need and more. The package includes an abundance of perks and gadgets to ensure a wonderful running experience and even opens doors to some of Dubrovnik’s most astonishing sights. Some of the equipment you can find in your package consists of a sturdy backpack, a timing chip, a dry-fit t-shirt, a VIP goodie bag, a bib and more. So what other perks do you gain access to with the Du Motion Run The Wall package?

The Du Motion package grants its buyers the opportunity to indulge in free public transport, a free cable car ride, a guided tour of Dubrovnik, a delicious Pasta Party coupon and refreshments. The package also offers the chance to visit the mesmerising island of Lokrum and gives you access to Dubrovnik’s museums – free of charge. Not only does the package offer a bunch of attractive and tempting experiences but also comes with a medal which you can take home to your family and friends. After all, racing through the Dubrovnik City Walls is definitely something to be proud of and worth sharing. As they say, there’s no rest for the wicked and even the wicked have things to brag about!

Explore the unknown

If you find yourself visiting the charming city of Dubrovnik and you aren’t a runner, the Du Motion Marathon medley is still worth the hype. Why not try something new right? Most visitors have the Dubrovnik Walls on their list of things to see and the marathon is a great way to get your heart pumping whilst ticking this off. Why not incorporate some sport into your trip? Because there is nothing to lose here. By taking part you open yourself to meeting new faces, sharing memories with positivity fuelled minds and you get your dose of exercise in – all whilst reaping a bundle of rewards.

Are you convinced on Du Motion’s offer?

If this doesn’t trigger your spontaneous side, then we don’t know what will! Come out of your comfort zone, embed yourself in the ambiance and witness Dubrovnik from a new point of view this year. The Run The Wall race is set to take place on the 30th of April 2022 with the Dubrovnik Half Marathon following on May the 1st.

Written by Maya Barach

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