N. Elaphiti & S. Mljet

The North Elaphiti and South Mljet is a customised private boat tour departing from Dubrovnik. This the newest tour in our range, giving you the opportunity to discover the best locations on both Elaphiti islands and the island of Mljet. All our boat tours are private and tailored to your preferences. Your allocated skipper is here to provide you with itinerary suggestions along the way. This is based on island traffic, winds, weather etc.

Island gazing in all its beauty

The main difference between our standard Elaphiti islands tour and North Elaphiti tour lays in the distance and attractions we visit. During the North Elaphiti islands tour you get to visit Sipan Island and its Sipanska Luka Bay. Sipanska Luka (Port of Sipan) is the main port for the island, therefore making it a popular destination for sailors due to its well protected harbour. Amongst its intertwined vineyards and pine tree woods you can also find numerous architectural monuments. This takes us on a walk through the Middle Ages and directly back to the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. We then cruise along uninhabited islands Jakljan and Olipa, north of Sipan towards the Island of Mljet. This is where you will be exposed to the sheer beauty of the Adriatic and its untouched nature. You will have the opportunity to explore hidden bays, intriguing rock formations, cliffs and woods. Due to its privacy and nature, this area often attracts Mega Yachts so you might catch some celebrities on your visit. After a swim in one of the bays, we will make our way towards Mljet and visit Prozurska Luka.

Special spots

Prozurska Luka is a small bay on the southern side of Mljet Island. The bay has been attracting families and sailors due to its peaceful atmosphere for decades. Another stop we highly suggest on your private boat tour is Limuni Beach. A sandy beach with shallow waters and a sprinkle of serenity. On the way back, we will stop off at the Blue Cave on Kolocep Island if you would like to swim inside the cave. Overall, the North Elaphiti and South Mljet tour will take you to places which allow you to truly escape the ordinary. What better way to live your vacation up to its fullest potential! Not to mention all the captivating memories you will throughout the tour. Above is the suggested itinerary which can be adjusted to suit your preferences. Since the tour is private we will tailor the stops along the tour to suit your wishes.  We follow Safety and health procedures at all times as well as conducting full safety and Covid 19 briefings prior to departure.

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