DestinationIsland Korcula

Island Korcula

The Island is an enchanting medieval town, located on the island of the same name. Korcula from Dubrovnik is a brilliant adventure, ideal for the wondering heart.

Korcula by boat

The Old Town is approximately two and half hours away from Dubrovnik by Speed Boat. On the way you can enjoy amazing scenery while passing by the Elaphiti Islands, Peninsula of Peljesac and Mljet. A short stop for refreshment and swimming is optional. Once you arrive on Island Korcula you have 3 hours to stimulate the senses with Korcula’s timeless beauty.

The petite Old Town lays on a limestone promontory and is very magical in itself. Previously, the Old Town was guarded by high limestone walls. Today, you can stroll through their remains as there is a promenade that trickles all the way round the Old Town. You can even make a full circle in fifteen minutes. Whilst you’re there you can take a look at the towers which are still in use today. The perks of taking a private tour with Explore Dubrovnik is that you get the opportunity to see a lot whilst your skipper shares historical facts.

A pinch of history

Korcula was controlled by Venice for centuries, the same way almost all of Dalmatia was. Venetian territory ended here, with the Old Town being its last stronghold. If you find yourself walking through the promenade, you can see that the mainland is only a short distance away. Right opposite the Old Town. You can find the Peljesac Peninsula on the other side. The channel in between used to be all that geographically separated the two Republics. Previously, Dubrovnik and Venice. These days, the channel is widely popular for windsurfing, thanks to the maestral wind. This being said, this wind is a life saver for when the sun is beating down.

Back in the 15th and 16th centuries was when Korcula was at its golden mean. Most of the palaces and main buildings were built then. St. Mark’s Cathedral is a work of art still standing, from that period. Wherever you look, you will find limestone shavings. Take a minute to observe the columns and balconies, you will not be disappointed. You are literally at the heart of stone masonry here. Gothic renaissance is very present, even in this day and age. The island itself is extremely mesmerising, with so much to see and feel. Korcula by boat is a dream come true!