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Elaphiti Islands

The Elaphiti Islands are an archipelago situated near Dubrovnik. There’s actually 13 islands belonging to the archipelago, some of which are inhabited. In addition, the three main islands to visit and stay on are Koločep, Lopud and Šipan. All the islands have one thing in common; exceptional beauty.

You decide

You can go for a swim in the crystal clear waters, wander around in the shade of Mediterranean vegetation, explore intricate small villages or simply take a journey through the local cuisine. This is entirely up to you!

Seeking the ultimate maritime excursion? Venture off towards the Elaphites and be met with a blend of untouched nature, indigenous island tranquillity and tons of history. There are many options for journeying to the islands. Moreover, touring all three in one day is the perfect combination for explorers who haven’t got too much time on their hands. Explore Dubrovnik offers multi-day tours of the islands. Subsequently, our tours are carried out exclusively with professional crew.

Everything is possible

If you embark on one of our tours and fall in love with one of the islands; you have the option of dedicating the day to that island. We offer coverage of all three islands however if you really enjoy one of them, why not stay there? This is all doable aboard our private tours. You can shape your itinerary to your preferences. Interested in a specific island? We can head there first. Prefer one more than the other? Let’s go there then. We are fully flexible at Explore Dubrovnik!

The Elaphiti Islands used to be the rural residence of Dubrovnik’s nobility. Each island has its own intricate architecture, gorgeous summerhouses, an abundance of religious buildings, palaces and more. Furthermore, each Island has loads to offer and discover. All in all, getting lost in between the beauty of each island is inevitable!

Join us on one of our private tours and kick back as we steer you towards the mesmerising Elaphiti islands. This is all about indulging in retreat, sharing memories and capturing Croatia’s charm at its finest.