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Sculpting a honeymoon together is one of the most touching aspects of becoming one as is embarking on a journey of love and companionship with the piece to your puzzle. Although hitting the nail on the head in terms of selecting the perfect location that caters to your mutual desires can become quite draining and takes some serious patience, structuring your trip so that it accommodates to both your tastes and wishes takes skill and cooperation. Forming the ideal itinerary is essential in order to ensure your special time away truly fulfils the meaning of special.

With this in mind, we take you on an informative walk through some of our top tips and suggestions so that you can extract what’s best for you and execute the honeymoon of your dreams with the one you love. From places to see and where to stay to romantic activities and sweet indulgences, we’ve got it all. Whether you’ve started planning your blissful getaway or you haven’t quite yet got round to it just yet, this blog is sure to get the ball rolling as we tell you our secrets to an enchanting voyage you won’t be able to keep your mind off.

The time has come to start the enchanting endeavour of planning the prepossessing holiday of a lifetime for you and your other half

With plenty of hotspots surfacing on top trending destination lists and must-see locations popping up all over, you could find yourself a little stuck on where to begin.

This is where we come in.

Let us tell you about a picturesque place saturated in charm, nature and sheer Mediterranean beauty, situated right in the heart of Europe. Dubrovnik is a city of many things and it’s not exactly mind Sudoku to see why. Smoothly landing itself on TripAdvisor’s Top 10 Trending Destinations for 2022, Dubrovnik takes the prize with its rich range of experiences and makes a divine destination for the perfect honeymoon. Put down those typical and overhyped Instagram locations and allow us to take the edge off a little bit.

Dubrovnik is currently ranking as the no.1 best destination amongst the most idyllic and economical honeymoon spots; here are the details.

When you hear the words Dubrovnik honeymoon hotels, honeymoon photoshoot Dubrovnik or Dubrovnik honeymoon package – you’re probably feeling overwhelmed and unsure as to where to begin. Piecing together the ideal Dubrovnik honeymoon itinerary doesn’t have to be stressful. Just like the locals, we gather that you find a laidback and chilled atmosphere to be food for the soul and just what you need. You’ve had your handful of suspense and havoc around planning your actual wedding day as you’ve had your portion of thrill and adrenalin when entertaining guests at your reception. Now should be the well-deserved time of tranquillity and one-on-one enjoyment with your partner. Dubrovnik can provide this and so much more.

As you may have seen in our previous blogs, Dubrovnik is the ‘life of the party’ when it comes to stunning and innovative locations across Croatia. The city attracts visitors from all over the world, including artistic elites, digital nomads, families with children and flourishing lovebirds. Dubrovnik is full of life and charm almost all year round and boasts astonishing displays of sun throughout the summer. Bursting with lavish cuisine, pristine beaches, secluded coves and heavenly islands along its Riviera, Dubrovnik ticks all the boxes standing for an exquisite escape.

Do the maths

When heading off for your honeymoon, you take off with the main focus of creating everlasting memories, full of delight, captivation and wholesomeness right? In order to win this, you need a destination which implements tons of little factors which come together to bring you this utopian state of being alongside your soul mate. Dubrovnik takes this to another level, providing all the scenic views to woo your partner with, as you sip on elegance and feast on Adriatic allure. There are over 200 lovey-dovey activities to engage in as well as a generous range of breath-taking restaurants to delve into.

Dubrovnik’s Old Town offers plenty of historical heritage with a serving of magnificent architecture and interesting faces, making it a must-see fraction of the city. The outskirts are equally as beautiful and invite you to awaken your inner explorer as you discover the city in all its wonder. Dubrovnik is also known as the pearl of the Adriatic and is home to a variety of intriguing farmer’s markets, galleries, museums and island retreats – All within fingertips reach. Not only this but its crust is filled with gorgeous locations that make for a splendid day trip such as the Island of Lokrum, Cavtat, the Peljesac Peninsula, the Elaphiti islands, Mljet National Park and many more.

You can find an aesthetically pleasing double hotel room that offers immense comfort and exceptional service for an average price of €126. Before you type best honeymoon hotels in Croatia into your search engine, check out our list of Dubrovnik best hotels for honeymoon down below. You won’t be disappointed; we can assure you!

Top 5 Dubrovnik honeymoon hotels worth checking out:

Rixos Premium Dubrovnik – Breakfast included, restaurants with romantic seating and sea facing terraces, easy and quick access to the beach, super pleasant staff and more.

Dubrovnik President Valamar Collection Hotel – Close to nature trails and private beach clubs, wonderful romantic private dining by candlelight available, a variety for breakfast and immaculate cleanliness.

Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik – Exceptional staff, lovely indoor pool and sauna facilities, short walk from the magical Banje Beach, walking distance from touristic interests (Old Town), wonderful interior design, breakfast served on the terrace and excellent service. Sophisticated and modern.

Hotel Dubrovnik Palace – Breakfast included, well-equipped, located on the tip of Lapad Peninsula (30 mins away from the airport, 30 mins away from the Old Town by foot and 10 mins away from Lapad), well connected transport wise, fantastic views of the Elaphiti Islands, spacious and comfortable rooms with great spa amenities.

Heritage Villa Nobile – Majestic building with a spectacular garden, friendly staff, situated right outside the Pile Gate, peaceful and relaxing yet close to hotspots, tastefully designed rooms with a lush but cosy feel and great breakfast services.

Another highlight of spending your honeymoon in dreamy Dubrovnik is that you are in the epicentre of mystique, magic and positive vibes. Due to its coordinates, Dubrovnik offers a lush selection of romantic boat tours and trips which are easily accessible yet provide an exclusive experience. Whether you deem yourselves as early birds or night owls, Dubrovnik has a boat tour tailored to you – literally! Depending on your preferences, you can go to an island hopping oasis where you get to experience some of Croatia’s most ravishing wildlife face-to-face, hand in hand with your loved one.

You can also go wine and olive oil tasting at one of the local wineries, stroll through mesmerising sandy beaches and swim in quiet bays together, away from the crowds. Or perhaps you’d prefer an evening adventure where you can drift off into the sunset as you hold each other close and admire the serenity that surrounds you, whilst cherishing the moment with some delicious champagne. Whatever you adore the sound of more, there’s more than enough room to create these luxuries in Dubrovnik and you get to paint the picture just how you like it.

It all revolves around you

It’s vital to recollect and remember that your honeymoon holiday is all about YOU. Not other people, not other visitors but solely your partner and you. Hence why we emphasise on crafting an itinerary that suits you best and inspires you go break away from the ordinary and unwind a little. Croatia honeymoon destinations can be tricky to sift through as the country itself offers such prodigious beauty but when you narrow down the list, it’s inevitable that Dubrovnik can be found right at the top.

Best places to honeymoon in Croatia consist of many remarkable coastal fragments of paradise and frankly, you might want to visit them all. The splendid news is that honeymoon resorts in Croatia are scattered in abundance and there is simply so much to gaze upon; Dubrovnik itself offering the perfect measurement of intimacy, delight and versatility to shower your special retreat in moments of joy, discovery and infatuation. A city sure to have you floating on cloud nine.

Written by Maya Barach

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