First Boat Trip Experience? Here are 6 Tips for Carefree Sailing!

Medium Day Elaphiti Islands Boat Tour

You have made a decision! You’ve finally planned your vacation destination and booked gorgeous accommodation on the Adriatic Sea coast. There you will be spending many of your warm summer days, as well as nights.
Excited for your supervenient trip, you decide to explore fun local activities and stumble upon a range of interesting boat trip excursions!

Already hooked on the idea of spending part of your summer vacation on the sea, you opt for the trip that best suits your idea of a fun bonding experience with your family and friends.
Since this is the first time you’re boarding a private boat excursion, you find yourself overwhelmed by organizing essentials and belongings needed for the upcoming boat trip.

This is where we come in to ease your worries with a list of :


boat trip excursion
Boat trip photograph captured on one of our excursions.

Overcoming Seasickness

When preparing for a boat trip, one of the most common worries of any awaiting passenger is the fear of seasickness. The dread of it emerging and possibly diminishing the overall experience of the trip can even affect someone’s decision of indulging in the activity at all! By being well prepared you can ease your mind and enjoy one of the best experiences of your life. Taking one motion sickness pill an hour and a half before boarding is a well-known must! But did you know that taking an extra pill the night before your boat trip will prepare your body more effectively for the upcoming waves?
Try this trick and let us know if it did the “trick” for you!

Sunbathing Responsibly

When talking about sunbathing, we could state numerous occasions where it could take place and each one of them requires us to be responsible and cautious at the expense of our health. When talking about sunbathing on a boat, the chances are that you should double the caution while indulging in the mentioned activity. The combination of the sea surface reflectiveness, as well as the lack of natural shade while on the open waves makes us more prone to experiencing the negative sides of prolonged sun exposure. By loading up on sunscreen, finding shade under a light summer hat, and boosting your water/liquid intake thanks to our all-inclusive offers, you should be safe from the negative consequences, and experience only the benefits of fresh sea air, as well as natural vitamin D intake!

Carrying Equipment of Choice

While on a boat trip, you will have numerous options for planning your “free time” activity of choice. In arrangement with your dedicated Captain / Skipper, you can plan these activities ahead of the trip and come prepared! In addition to floaties and snorkeling masks which we offer to use, you are free to bring your activity equipment such as diving necessities. This would be a good time to mention the need for an extra bathing suit or even a light wardrobe change, just so you could be prepared in case the wind picks up.

Exploring in Advance

Upon boarding, you will quickly realize just how energy-consuming being on a boat is. Waves and heat can drain your body if you don’t take proper steps to cater to your reinforced physical needs. Bringing snacks is a must, ideally fruits and nuts for a healthy brunch. In advance of the boat trip, you could explore restaurants compatible with your trip stops to minimize the time cost of finding a perfect lunch spot! Even if you didn’t come prepared, you can rely on our Skippers to recommend you the best local dining place to suit all your needs.

Creating Lasting Memories

Embarking on a private boat tour is an experience you will NEVER forget! But isn’t it so much better to have a tangible reminder of just how great this experience was? Bringing your camera to capture all the fun bonding events is one of the best ideas! Looking back on the photos and videos with your loved ones will surely make the whole experience priceless. Even if you didn’t bring your equipment, you will be happy to find out that our skippers always carry a GoPro camera. None of your moments will pass, without first being captured! Check out some photos of happy customers here.

Getting to Know your Skipper/Captain

So you’ve checked all our previous tips and you know every trick before starting your boat trip, but you still feel kind of anxious about it? In that case, we encourage you to get to know your assigned skipper! Our skippers are one of the best in the industry. Their level of expertise and knowledge will cover all the basics you will need for an experience you will hold on to forever. So don’t restrain yourself from asking them all the itty-bitty questions lingering in your mind. They will be happy to answer them and reassure you that booking our boat trip was one of the best decisions for your vacation!

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