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All boats listed below are either the property of Explore Dubrovnik or our contracted partners, therefore we can guarantee you the best quality for applicable prices. Various types and sizes of motor boats in Dubrovnik. You can choose the best one for the size and interests of your specific group. You have three types of boat to choose from: Speedboats, Yachts and Event Ships. Sizes range from 5.5 meters (18 feet) to 26 meters (96 feet).

You can browse our range of vessels below and see our boats in action on our social media. We offer a wide variety of vessels including large event ships and smaller boats for special occasions. If you would like to rent one of our boats for event purposes, please reach out and we will handle your enquiry as promptly as possible. Our team has brought various visions to life and is fully equipped to offer advice / suggestions.

We are open to specific requests whilst keeping our motto “Away from the crowds” in mind. Not only do we focus on providing utmost privacy but we ensure comfort aboard all our vessels. We understand that a large part of relaxation comes from feeling content in a space and we do our best to provide this.

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