Catch flights not feelings: Direct Flights to and from Dubrovnik in 2022

Direct flights to Dubrovnik

Now is the time to spread your wings!

With Dubrovnik comfortably landing itself on TripAdvisor’s list of top 10 trending destinations in 2022 – There’s no better time than now to scan the web for the best available flight options and get yourself to the heart of Dalmatia this year. With so much intrigue, beauty and charm at your disposal, you’d be wild not to have a browse. Rest assured, you have come to the right place as we’re about to take you on a full tour of all the latest flight options, info and more. Direct flights to Dubrovnik are expanding so fasten your seatbelt and prepare for take-off!

Which airlines fly direct to Dubrovnik is the first question that skips through your wandering mind. What are the options for direct flights to Dubrovnik from Europe? Are there direct flights to Dubrovnik from the USA? What hot deals are blossoming right now? Furthermore, how can I land myself in Dubrovnik as smoothly as possible without sending my wallet into tears? So many questions, right!

& exhale…

Take a deep breath, put down your coffee and stand still for a second because we have some brilliant news for you. Not only are travel restrictions easing worldwide but the flight parachute is opening wide again and is now providing people with offers more attractive than ever!

We know that booking flights can become tedious and stressful for most but we hope to relax the process a little for you with the information down below. Besides, we know that booking flights can be draining and getting to the airport comes with mixture of emotions; however, touchdown has never felt so rewarding. Think crystal clear waters, soothing sunshine, fruity cocktails and succulent seafood. Invigorating activities, friendly locals, enchanting nature and mesmerising Mediterranean culture.

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Direct flights to Dubrovnik and what you need to know:

Starting with our American friends – Flights from Newark to Dubrovnik are making a swift return from the 27th of May 2022 with some very eye-grabbing prices! Direct flights to Dubrovnik from NYC are being made easy with a lovely twist. United Flights are offering flights starting as low as $679 and are providing the option of paying $67 per month for those wishing to spread out their costs. This scheme encourages people to take the leap and push their worries aside, ensuring a holiday filled with laughs, Adriatic beauty and warmth.

The Boeing 767-300 maintained flights will be departing Newark every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday offering plenty of flexibility. Moreover, United Flights have extended their program with services continuing right through to the end of October this year. This means that you can whizz yourself off to Dubrovnik whenever it suits you, whenever you feel like it, with united direct flights to Dubrovnik now more accessible than ever. Despite American Airlines no longer providing direct routes to the pearl of the Adriatic, United are here to lighten the mood with their arrestingly spectacular offers and exclusively invite you to venture out this summer.

A bouquet of opportunities – In the palm of your hands

For our European crew- Flights to Dubrovnik from Europe are bursting at the seams in terms of variety, locations and jaw dropping deals right now. Direct flights to Dubrovnik from Italy (return) can be found for as low as €18, with flights from Spain and France boasting a handful of similar options. The flight duration is a walk in the park, not to mention the colourful range of transport options available for when you land. Dubrovnik has never been so easy to reach; welcoming you with open arms and nothing less.

Gorgeous scenery, all the untouched nature one’s soul could possibly require, stunning aquamarine waters you can dip your toes into and tons of delicious freshly caught cuisine you can tuck right into. It’s no surprise that Dubrovnik has become a hot destination and is being talked about all over, the city caters to everyone’s desire whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat or an energy-fuelled escapade across the Adriatic.

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How to fall in love with travel all over again

With the region rapidly growing in popularity, scheduling your trip has never been easier. You can use companies like sky scanner to do the ‘brain-work’ for you or you can simply enter something as brief as your location and Dubrovnik side by side into your preferred search engine and you will be met with loads of different results, offers and packages. This goes for Private Boat Tours once you’re in town as well! Everything has been simplified so that the relaxing and unwinding starts NOW.

To touch on the mental relief, we’ve been handed in the past few months – things are really shifting and becoming easier. We know that the pandemic plagued many minds with what ifs and whens but this all seems to be becoming a distant memory now. As we went into the pandemic (frantic as ever because weren’t we all) we all experienced serious distress as well as a huge amount on uncertainty. When would we see family again? Would we be able to go on holiday again? When would we be able to travel as before? How would any of this work?

Retreat back to yourself in the end

After loads of changes and hectic events, we seem to be getting back to a somewhat usual routine and it’s truly starting to feel amazing. And what better time than now to embrace these shifts and changes, dust ourselves off as best as we can and dive into life full force again. Life is resuming little by little and the world is slowly opening up again. We know that ‘coming out’ the shell can be tricky and different for everyone. This is why we encourage you to take things at your own pace and if you feel comfortable enough, venture out. Take the plunge. Engulf yourself in the world again.

What better a moment than to grasp this right now and set ourselves free again. In terms of hopping on a plane, self-care getaways, family functions, sweet escapes and all the rest. We are no longer confined to the walls of our homes and its time to go be at one with mother nature, somewhere where anxiety is put to sleep and the sun is high in the sky.

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Written by Maya Barach

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