Find your perfect destination for a private boat tour from the heart of Dubrovnik. Choose the best location you wish to visit by boat from Dubrovnik. We offer a wide variety of locations you can visit when you embark on one of our many boat tours. Not only do we have a vast selection of vessels but we also have different styled tours depending on your preferences. From duration to location, this is something that is entirely up to you.

Boat Tour Locations

You can browse our available tour options, we offer a generous range of different boat tour destinations. We cater for people who want to visit places further away as well as people seeking to island hop nearby. When making a booking with us you can state what you have in mind and any details you may consider relevant. This allows our team to curate a tour specifically orientated around your desires and preferences.

If you happen to have a rough idea or image of the kind of tour you would like but aren’t exactly sure what is best – Our team is here to provide you with any answers and guidance you require. You can drop us a message with your enquiry and one of our team members will get back to you promptly.

At Explore Dubrovnik we know that given our location, the city is bursting with hotspots and activities. With this in mind, we know that sometimes it can be difficult to choose between options. This is why we are here to step in and help you shape your experience so that it is exactly as you’ve imagined it to be!

Boat Tours Explore Dubrovnik
Boat Tours Explore Dubrovnik