Croatia solo travel: 18 things to do alone in Dubrovnik

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Croatia is a stunning holiday destination and is widely popular amongst touristic minds worldwide. Known for its Old Towns, historical heritage and delicious seafood, Croatia has landed itself on many bucket lists over the years. As a country it welcomes solo travellers as well as families and bigger groups. Boasting brilliant infrastructure, decent transport and plenty of places to make yourself at home in.

No matter where you visit, you are bound to bump into other travelling souls. This provides a feeling of ease and makes feeling content that bit simpler. Journeying alone in Croatia is safer in contrast to a lot of other places and most of the younger generations have good knowledge of English which comes in handy for when you need assistance. Croatia isn’t just drenched in beauty but it also provides a very chilled atmosphere for lone wolves. Despite most people preferring being in a group when going on tours, touring alone can be extremely exhilarating too!

Dalmatia Croatia
Flickr: Stella T. Photography

Previously, Croatia was a rather monitored country but as time has progressed, it has become more and more welcoming to tourists and people from all over. Croatia offers a vibrant collection of diverse islands, an energetic night scene and tons of intriguing architecture throughout its regions. This appeals to both older and younger audiences.

Croatia sits tightly in between its neighbours (Hungary, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia) and is easy to get to. It is a highly tranquil country that yields a magnificent coastline, a pocketful of charm and intertwined towns, saturated in ravishing renaissance.

So why visit Dubrovnik alone?

Proclaimed the ‘pearl of the Adriatic’, Dubrovnik is famous for being an UNESCO World Heritage Site and is paradise for lovers of history and untouched nature. How enchanting right? Embedded in its timeless beauty, Dubrovnik is recommended as a first location for those who have not yet ventured through the country. Known for being a wide-spread trading town, Dubrovnik is now one of the most sought after locations across the Mediterranean. The city alone offers a generous range of cute cafes and interesting spots with plenty to offer.

Cow print chairs in Dubrovnik Cafe
Flickr: Joseph Hollick

Many people are instantly drawn in upon discovering that Dubrovnik is host to many Game of Thrones filming locations and want to visit them immediately. If you’re a pro in terms of series, you will be able to notice many settings scattered around the city as you go along. Another fun-filled activity to engage is embarking on an actual Game of Thrones private boat tour – which we offer here at Explore Dubrovnik! You can enjoy Dubrovnik’s charming Riviera as you cruise along all the coastal filming locations whilst listening to a specially tailored briefing from your local guide, sharing all the juicy info and history with you. Our Game of Thrones by Boat Tour involves seeing plenty of nature, astonishing architecture and gives you a first-hand insight into the local lifestyle.

There is something mystical about the city itself, you can almost feel it in the air. Rich in hidden alleyways, amazing local produce and bubbly locals, everything leads to enjoyment here. You can perch on the church steps and people watch or you can find a little brunch place and discover the scrumptious plates they have to offer. As mentioned in our article on The Best Things to do in Dubrovnik, the city walls are gorgeously preserved and are best discovered as the sun comes up or goes down. The Old Town Walls make a splendid sunset stroll for people of all ages and give you a brilliant yet unique perspective on the Old Town. Overall, there is so much to experience in the wonderful city of Dubrovnik – accompanied or solo. Dubrovnik accommodates to all. This is partially why so many hearts are swindled by the city.

Dubrovnik Walls Old Town
Flickr: J.R. Rondeau

Alone and ready to venture

Solo travel can be very liberating. Travelling alone consists of many factors most of us don’t even acknowledge to begin with. Some of these are nourishing solution finding skills, stumbling across new faces, cracking the shell of your comfort zone and having full on freedom. This freedom being the kind where you can freely plan and sculpt your schedule to your preferences alone, without discussion. Going on a trip alone is also a big confidence builder and effectively helps you push past specific boundaries in the process.

Backpack solo travel
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What better location to discover all this in than in Dubrovnik?

Here’s our list of things to check out when travelling alone:

  1. 1. Learn about the city’s past with a thrilling cable car ride and visit the war museum to really get a gist of Croatia’s history. We promise you there is no way more ideal, than to better your understanding like this! Make sure you grab a coffee to enjoy before heading back down and embrace the panoramic views of the baked terracotta rooftops as you go. This is a fascinating way to capture the best views of the city whilst topping up on some knowledge.

Dubrovnik Cable Car ride
Flickr: Thomas Woitulek

2. Indulge in a delicious Al Fresco lunch as you watch both boats and people bustle by. Having lunch by yourself doesn’t have to be depressing or boring. Instead you can choose to see it as some quality you-time with a pinch of self-care. Whilst filling up your stomach with all kinds of delicacies, you can observe your surroundings and admire the scenery. There really is a lot to appreciate! The relaxing atmosphere and warm sea air creates a splendid setting for doing just this. Pick your spot, get comfortable and bon appetit!

Lokrum Lunch
Flickr: faranorclarke

3. Discover the daily market at Gundulic Square and pick up some lovely local produce. Gundulic Square market holds a huge range of fresh fruit and veg to feast on as well as loads of intriguing souvenirs, handmade products and random finds made with utmost love. Even if you’re not particularly up for shopping, head over to the square for your dose of colour and culture. There’s something about being in the midst of a busy pijaca (market) that gives you an instant intrigue and boost of energy which we can’t explain. This is something you have to experience for yourself!

Gundulic Square Market fruit and veg
Flickr: willatravel

4. Head over to the island of Lokrum, only a short ride away from the Old Town. Embark on one of its many forest trails and go swimming on the beach for a well-deserved scoop of bliss. Check out the monastery, eye-catching botanical gardens and the ruined fort or head straight over to the mesmerising salt-water lake. You can jump off the cliffs, enjoy the nearby café or simply take in your surroundings. Lokrum is a brilliant escape from crowds yet isn’t far and difficult to get to either. Some visitors make multiple visits to this beauty, as it captivates all who lay their eyes on its delightful ground. If you enjoy being at one with nature and have a love for wildlife, this is definitely for you.

Lokrum Salt Lake
Flickr: Julien

5. Catch a sunset from the comfort of Buza Bar – unwind with a refreshing beverage and watch the waves crash below your feet. Literally! This makes for a wonderful evening activity and attracts people from everywhere. The ambiance is one unmatched and the staff are pleasant. Intimate yet spaced out, Buza Bar is a lovely little spot that offers space for relaxation, bonding and enjoyment.

Buza Bar Dubrovnik
Flickr: adollmeyer

6. Explore the Dominican Monastery, built in the 14th century and prepare for gothic renaissance galore as well as a plenty of intriguing art. The monastery also offers a great library to get stuck right into! Situated between Ploce Gate and Sponza Palace.

Dominican Monastery Dubrovnik
Flickr: brownpau

7. Take off on a private boat tour to the island of Korcula and swap hectic crowds for wonderful wine culture, its majestic old city and some of the most breath-taking beaches in the country. Nestled approximately two and half hours away from Dubrovnik by speedboat, this enchanting town is ideal for the heart that wonders. Historically speaking, Korcula was under venetian control for centuries and boasts a variety of mouth-dropping infrastructure such as St. Mark’s Cathedral, beautiful balconies and columns as well as limestone shavings wherever you step. Korcula by boat is a spectacular day activity for people of all ages and is one of our must-see locations! Offering scenic views, tranquil spots and tons of soul food.

Flickr: Sarah

8. Go island hopping across the Elaphiti islands. Visit Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan as you feast your eyes on all of mother nature’s best kept archives, mass historical heritage and secret gems to your heart’s desire. A truly special and shifting experience for all those involved and all within close proximity to Dubrovnik Town. The highlights of going island hopping consist of being able to experience one-on-one encounters with wildlife, being able to leisurely walk to beaches, swim in coves and go walking undisturbed without running into clusters of people. You have all these pros in the palm of your hand and can do whatever you desire with that!

Explore Dubrovnik

9. Absorb the traditional culture of Cilipi Village in the Konavle Valley and try wine tasting in a local wine cellar as you watch a captivating folk performance. This is a great way to spend an afternoon or an evening, close to the city. This is also one of the best ways to truly immerse yourself in Dalmatian culture and learn a few things while you’re at it.

Folklore dancers Cilipi
Flickr: liam black

10. Venture over to the delicately preserved island of Mljet- a great option for lovers of swimming, diving and soul-resting hiking. Dive into Saplunara, a mesmerising cove or branch into the rich pine forests and get lost in the magic of Mljet. The island offers plenty of isolated bays to relax in and makes an invigorating yet calming trip. Mljet is one of the most entrancing islands in the country and is worth the visit.

Mljet water
Flickr: karlnorling

11. Treat your taste buds over on the Peljesac Peninsula and abandon the clusters of noise for a while. Only 40 minutes away from Dubrovnik you can find this sweet escape. Check out the amazing wineries and even stop off at one of many oyster farms nearby. The choice is yours! Peljesac is also not far from the heart of Dubrovnik and is the perfect location for getting out of the city temporarily.

Flickr: Marz88

12. Go on a Dubrovnik Sunset private tour and gaze into the sky from the comfort of your own exclusive vessel as you sip on some champagne. What a treat! Going on a private tour means that you are given full control over your itinerary. To expand, this means that you get the chance to see exactly what you want on your own timing. Private tours are memorable escapades that are completely tailored to you. It’s all about you here!

Flickr: christinalodenius-nyberg

13. If you find yourself in a party mood – delve into Culture Club Revelin, one of the best nightclubs within the city. Situated in a 16th-century fortress, you can dance side by side with podium dancers’ way into the sunrise. Furthermore, the perk of going out late in Dubrovnik is that it is super safe so you have nothing to worry about whilst out alone. Another bonus is that you will most likely meet someone to enjoy the nightlife with. Visit Culture Club Revelin for a night of excitement, fun and mingling. The club provides excellent entertainment which amuses its guests and ensures a happy return in the future.

Culture Club Revelin
Flickr: eye.rees

14. Wine and dine yourself at one of the city’s best restaurants. Luckily Dubrovnik is on coast’s edge therefore you have a luxurious range of freshly caught seafood available to dig into and loads of aesthetically pleasing spots to sit down in. Try a speciality like an octopus’ salad or pick a seafood platter and get stuck in. Dining in Dubrovnik is like going to an exquisite funfair but all the rides are so alluring that you have difficulty finding where to begin. Luckily, the locals are all super friendly and encouraging; if you happen to need some advice on cuisine, you will not be left without.

Flickr: gjbarb

15. Drink a cocktail at the seductive Cave bar, situated at Kardinala Stepinca 33, Hotel More. A wonderful experience in a special setting. The Cave bar also offers a refined menu of snacks you can indulge in whilst listening to the whispers of the Adriatic.

Flickr: Emmanuel Diver

16. Take a little trip to Sveti Jakov beach and allow yourself to be washed away by the dazzling scenery and vibes that come with. Avoid the crowds of Dubrovnik’s city beach Banje and experience some quality beach time, surrounded by Mediterranean charm. The waters here are both pristine and therapeutic. The walk to the beach itself is satisfying and beneficial as you find yourself circled with interesting plants, magnificent rocks and an amazing view of the islands ahead. You might even come across some turtles on the way!

Flickr: Falco Ermert

17. Head over to Porporela in the evening where you can find groups of people lounging around on the benches and rocks. Many people turn to Porporela for swimming and sunbathing during the day and most tourists tend to stumble across this little gem, hidden on the outskirts of the Old Town – by chance. Porporela is a hotspot amongst locals for many reasons but isn’t overly chosen as a swim spot by tourists . This being said, Porporela offers some challenging cliffs to jump off from as well as a nice quiet swimming experience. There is also a cosy little bar that serves refreshments and tantalising Aperol Spritz throughout the day into the evening. Perch yourself on one of the cosy tables and admire the marina over a flickering candle light and some light lounge music. Romance yourself a little!

Flickr: Mini Mel

18. And if you’re feeling a little fancy, make your way to Coral Beach Club. You can find plenty of spots to chill in, lush palm trees and an endless list of refreshments and food to snack on. Although the place does get quite busy, it’s definitely a different experience to most beaches around. Often you can find minimal house music playing there, groups chattering and sharing memories together as well as luxurious lounge spots to choose from.

Google: Coral Beach Club Dubrovnik

And there you have it! Our list of top things to experience whilst travelling alone. We know that travelling alone can be scary at times, especially as you step away from your comfort zone. This is why it’s important to look at the pros to solo travel instead of choosing to see all the grey. 99% of the time, travelling alone is an extremely eye-opening experience and contributes to character building like no other. Prior to taking the leap, it is vital to research where you’re heading to and to prepare in advance. Other than this, you don’t need much apart from will, courage and a mind full of adventure.

Dubrovnik is the perfect choice for a first lone-travel location due to so many reasons and it’s not hard to see why! It’s also key to do things naturally and by that we mean in your own time. You don’t have to worry about rushing to travel alone or places drastically changing because the city will be here when and if you decide you are ready.

We hope you have enjoyed this blog, from Dubrovnik – with love.

Written by Maya Barach

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