Visiting Bowa restaurant

Bowa restaurant Sipan

How to get to Bowa Dubrovnik

Want to visit Bowa restaurant while in Dubrovnik? We got 4 useful advices on how to get there

You asked, we delivered! Since the lunch at Bowa is one of the most frequent questions form our tour guests, we figured it was time for a blog theme.

  • Their owners say that Bowa offers the Best Of What’s Around, and that’s how the name was created. It is located on one of the Elafiti islands near Dubrovnik – Island of Sipan.
Bowa restaurant Sipan

How to get there

In order to see it or to also have a lunch there, one must first reach the restaurant. Only way to reach this gem is by sea.

We can take you to Bowa, of course.

Depending on the sea and the wind, the cruising from Dubrovnik to Bowa takes from 45 to 55 minutes, so if you would like to visit all three of the Elaphiti islands and still have enough time for a lunch at Bowa, the ideal tour for you is Medium day Elaphiti tour (six hours) or if you are feeling like an explorer and want to soak in as much as possible, then you can opt for a Full day Elaphiti (eight hours). Your skipper is always there to answer all of your questions, so don’t be shy, and find out what you want to know and plan the perfect itinerary together.


The second option is to take the ferry from port in Gruž to Šipan with the Jadrolinija ferry.

The ferry you should take is

807 Dubrovnik – Koločep – Lopud – Suđurađ (Šipan) or

831 Dubrovnik – Lopud -Suđurađ (Šipan)

The ferry from Dubrovnik to Suđurađ usually takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes and costs from 23 to 31 Croatian kuna.

When you get to Suđurađ on the island Šipan, there are option to go by car to Church of St. Mary, and then by foot to Bowa, but we would recommend it only for the most adventurous because the road is quite rocky. The better idea would be to take a boat ferry from Suđurađ to Bowa.

If you want to skip walking you can find a taxi boat to take you from Suđurađ to Bowa.

Bowa boat

Another option is to drive half an hour by car from Dubrovnik to Brsečine Harbour and then take Bowa water transfer which can be booked directly when booking a table reservation. The cost of the return ticket of Bowa shuttle is 150 Croatian kuna. During summer season the transfer from Brsečine departs at 11.15am, 12am and 1.15am and from Bowa at 3.30pm, 5.15pm and 5.45pm. The most important thing to know if you go with this option is to announce your arrival unless you want to end up waiting unvain because the boat will not go to Brsecine unless it is reserved.

Bowa Dubrovnik transfer

When making a reservation, the restaurant offers also a private luxurious transfer service with BOWA boat. The price of this transfer in both directions is 650 euro and it is paid in cash, and the maximum capacity of the boat is 12 persons. The boat transfer takes 35 minutes in one direction and has a fixed timetable: the departure from the Old Port Dubrovnik marina or Gruz marine is at 11.30am and the departure from Bowa is at 5.15pm.

Bowa Dubrovnik booking

Restaurant Bowa is available for booking for a period of six months starting from April the 15th. We strongly advice all of our tour guests to make a booking for lunch directly on the Bowa restaurant web page or even on Bowa Dubrovnik Instagram account and to try it to book it as soon as they decide on a date of our tour.

Overwater cabanas at Bowa Dubrovnik

The first option is to book a terrace seat for your lunch, but you can also opt for a Bowa experience cabana which is ideal for a group of 10 people or maximum 14 persons. You will have to spend a minimum amount required by the restaurant (you can check directly when booking the exact minimum spend) and included in the price are also welcome drinks, sunbeds, towels and a menu. Your cabana is only for you and your group of friends and you can dine, lounge, swim…

How is BOWA Dubrovnik rated?

Currently Bowa Dubrovnik reviews have 5 stars on Tripadvisor, but we couldn’t find any Google reviews. On their Facebook page they have been rated 4,9 stars.

Traditional Jewellery across Croatia: Dalmatia’s treasures

Traditional Croatian Jewelry

A nation intertwined with detail

The Dalmatian region boasts beautifully intricate bijouterie that stems from medieval pieces, now being brought back to life through bespoke artisanal replicas. Traditional Croatian jewelry has historically played a huge role in the countries folklore sector and has been worn by generations for centuries.

As you sail through Croatia’s rich coastline you will find yourself coming across dainty but majestic pieces, all with their own dazzling characteristics. Croatia’s jewelry development has surged spectacularly and the background to it is rather fascinating! From famous Pag beaded necklaces and earrings to Šibenik’s detailed button pendants, all the way through to Konavle close to Dubrovnik where their earrings are sublime and steal the hearts of all those who happen to pass through. Croatian jewelry designers have been crafting one-off treasures for centuries, now readily available to outsiders visiting on their endeavours.

All traditional jewelry found in the country shares a handful of traits and similarities, much like a dense web with its varying patterns. Gold, silver, brass and coral are the main materials used in traditional jewelry making; each having its own prepossessing charm to it. Certain aspects found in individual pieces were subject to either a male or female audience previously, however as time has progressed, pieces have become more and more fluid, being worn by both genders in abundance.

What jewelry to buy in Croatia?

If you find yourself strolling through Dubrovnik’s wonderful Stradun, you will walk past tons of little boutiques sourcing fluorescent red beaded pieces and you’ll find that these are quite the catch in the jewelry world of Dubrovnik. From necklaces to anklets and bracelets, coral pieces are staple slices of Dalmatia’s aesthetic detailing and can be found almost around every corner and in all the best jewelry stores in Dubrovnik. Buying jewelry in Croatia isn’t an extreme sport and makes quite the pleasant experience.

 The Zlarin region has been known for coral harvesting and processing since the 14th century, the use of coral in jewellery has spread throughout Croatia’s coast and has made itself at home in the Dubrovnik region. The beauty of Croatian coral jewelry is timeless and due to the nature of its making, each piece is exclusively unique and won’t be found anywhere else.

Following the gracious process

Coral has a wide spectrum of shades and offers many hues, ranging from a light crimson pigment to dark wine red. Red coral (also known as precious coral) flourishes in clean waters (Which Croatia has a lot of to offer!) and blooms in depths between 30-200 metres.

In essence, the coral form harnesses a crust which is filed down in order to bring its powerful red tone to light. The framework is then carved into smaller fragments which are then smoothed down and polished. The polishing process is the most important step and can last up to a few days, resulting in a mesmerising shine.

Since the fall of the Venetian Republic that was in charge of the Adriatic coral trade, Zlarin natives were given special permission for coral fishery. Coral was overharvested because of its great value which nearly caused complete eradication, leading to the practice slowly becoming less common over time.

Head over to kingly konavle

In the Konavle area, you can find the delicate konavle earrings. The earrings bear a small pendant either pearl or coral and come with an interesting history. Younger girls were to wear smaller earrings with older women wearing bigger hoops. Men were also known to gift their brides a set of hoops are a little gifting gesture prior to their wedding day. Due to social order, traditional jewelry was handled with utmost care and kept safe in pretty wooden boxes or in chest compartments. Finest pieces were only to be worn on special occasions. This is due to the fact that jewelry was seen as a family keepsake and was handed down from member to member, making it extremely precious.

Here’s the catch that you weren’t expecting:

The famous Konavle earrings were never actually crafted in the Konavle area but were manufactured in Dubrovnik by skilled goldsmiths. In both 19th and 20th centuries, workshops mainly focused on traditional jewelry, propelled by growing demand from the wider Dubrovnik area and Konavle itself.

Due to Dubrovnik previously being a huge goldsmith’s hub from medieval times to the mid-20th century, the Pearl of the Adriatic is bound to have its own unique traditional jewelry. The most recognised is the peružin concept. The hollow filigree beadwork that was predominantly made out of gold, here in Dubrovnik. When linked together, the beads form to create a luxurious necklace called the kolarin. This necklace consists of an even bead count (12,14,16 or 18) and is elegantly put together either by silk ribbon, other beads or small golden links.

Sometimes a heart pendant or golden cross was implemented when making a highly sentimental piece which was usually only showcased for rare events. More common nowadays are earrings and pendants with an adaptation of the peružin bead itself.

It doesn’t take acquired taste – personal preference steals the show!

Croatian filigree jewelry is far from flashy and kitsch but is extravagant and amazingly detailed. For example, traditional Croatian earrings are handmade with pure concentration, preciseness and attention to detail. These qualities can make or break a statement piece and it’s so important to ensure you select jewelry that reflects your desires and aesthetic appeal. Because what you wear speaks in volumes and introduces you before you speak! Set the tone and adorn yourself with what catches your eye.

If you happen to visit us in Dubrovnik, make sure you go on a jewelry tour to grasp a major part of Dubrovnik’s historical heritage, you’ll love it!

Written by Maya Barach

In The Zone: A honeymoon in Dubrovnik


Sculpting a honeymoon together is one of the most touching aspects of becoming one as is embarking on a journey of love and companionship with the piece to your puzzle. Although hitting the nail on the head in terms of selecting the perfect location that caters to your mutual desires can become quite draining and takes some serious patience, structuring your trip so that it accommodates to both your tastes and wishes takes skill and cooperation. Forming the ideal itinerary is essential in order to ensure your special time away truly fulfils the meaning of special.

With this in mind, we take you on an informative walk through some of our top tips and suggestions so that you can extract what’s best for you and execute the honeymoon of your dreams with the one you love. From places to see and where to stay to romantic activities and sweet indulgences, we’ve got it all. Whether you’ve started planning your blissful getaway or you haven’t quite yet got round to it just yet, this blog is sure to get the ball rolling as we tell you our secrets to an enchanting voyage you won’t be able to keep your mind off.

The time has come to start the enchanting endeavour of planning the prepossessing holiday of a lifetime for you and your other half

With plenty of hotspots surfacing on top trending destination lists and must-see locations popping up all over, you could find yourself a little stuck on where to begin.

This is where we come in.

Let us tell you about a picturesque place saturated in charm, nature and sheer Mediterranean beauty, situated right in the heart of Europe. Dubrovnik is a city of many things and it’s not exactly mind Sudoku to see why. Smoothly landing itself on TripAdvisor’s Top 10 Trending Destinations for 2022, Dubrovnik takes the prize with its rich range of experiences and makes a divine destination for the perfect honeymoon. Put down those typical and overhyped Instagram locations and allow us to take the edge off a little bit.

Dubrovnik is currently ranking as the no.1 best destination amongst the most idyllic and economical honeymoon spots; here are the details.

When you hear the words Dubrovnik honeymoon hotels, honeymoon photoshoot Dubrovnik or Dubrovnik honeymoon package – you’re probably feeling overwhelmed and unsure as to where to begin. Piecing together the ideal Dubrovnik honeymoon itinerary doesn’t have to be stressful. Just like the locals, we gather that you find a laidback and chilled atmosphere to be food for the soul and just what you need. You’ve had your handful of suspense and havoc around planning your actual wedding day as you’ve had your portion of thrill and adrenalin when entertaining guests at your reception. Now should be the well-deserved time of tranquillity and one-on-one enjoyment with your partner. Dubrovnik can provide this and so much more.

As you may have seen in our previous blogs, Dubrovnik is the ‘life of the party’ when it comes to stunning and innovative locations across Croatia. The city attracts visitors from all over the world, including artistic elites, digital nomads, families with children and flourishing lovebirds. Dubrovnik is full of life and charm almost all year round and boasts astonishing displays of sun throughout the summer. Bursting with lavish cuisine, pristine beaches, secluded coves and heavenly islands along its Riviera, Dubrovnik ticks all the boxes standing for an exquisite escape.

Do the maths

When heading off for your honeymoon, you take off with the main focus of creating everlasting memories, full of delight, captivation and wholesomeness right? In order to win this, you need a destination which implements tons of little factors which come together to bring you this utopian state of being alongside your soul mate. Dubrovnik takes this to another level, providing all the scenic views to woo your partner with, as you sip on elegance and feast on Adriatic allure. There are over 200 lovey-dovey activities to engage in as well as a generous range of breath-taking restaurants to delve into.

Dubrovnik’s Old Town offers plenty of historical heritage with a serving of magnificent architecture and interesting faces, making it a must-see fraction of the city. The outskirts are equally as beautiful and invite you to awaken your inner explorer as you discover the city in all its wonder. Dubrovnik is also known as the pearl of the Adriatic and is home to a variety of intriguing farmer’s markets, galleries, museums and island retreats – All within fingertips reach. Not only this but its crust is filled with gorgeous locations that make for a splendid day trip such as the Island of Lokrum, Cavtat, the Peljesac Peninsula, the Elaphiti islands, Mljet National Park and many more.

You can find an aesthetically pleasing double hotel room that offers immense comfort and exceptional service for an average price of €126. Before you type best honeymoon hotels in Croatia into your search engine, check out our list of Dubrovnik best hotels for honeymoon down below. You won’t be disappointed; we can assure you!

Top 5 Dubrovnik honeymoon hotels worth checking out:

Rixos Premium Dubrovnik – Breakfast included, restaurants with romantic seating and sea facing terraces, easy and quick access to the beach, super pleasant staff and more.

Dubrovnik President Valamar Collection Hotel – Close to nature trails and private beach clubs, wonderful romantic private dining by candlelight available, a variety for breakfast and immaculate cleanliness.

Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik – Exceptional staff, lovely indoor pool and sauna facilities, short walk from the magical Banje Beach, walking distance from touristic interests (Old Town), wonderful interior design, breakfast served on the terrace and excellent service. Sophisticated and modern.

Hotel Dubrovnik Palace – Breakfast included, well-equipped, located on the tip of Lapad Peninsula (30 mins away from the airport, 30 mins away from the Old Town by foot and 10 mins away from Lapad), well connected transport wise, fantastic views of the Elaphiti Islands, spacious and comfortable rooms with great spa amenities.

Heritage Villa Nobile – Majestic building with a spectacular garden, friendly staff, situated right outside the Pile Gate, peaceful and relaxing yet close to hotspots, tastefully designed rooms with a lush but cosy feel and great breakfast services.

Another highlight of spending your honeymoon in dreamy Dubrovnik is that you are in the epicentre of mystique, magic and positive vibes. Due to its coordinates, Dubrovnik offers a lush selection of romantic boat tours and trips which are easily accessible yet provide an exclusive experience. Whether you deem yourselves as early birds or night owls, Dubrovnik has a boat tour tailored to you – literally! Depending on your preferences, you can go to an island hopping oasis where you get to experience some of Croatia’s most ravishing wildlife face-to-face, hand in hand with your loved one.

You can also go wine and olive oil tasting at one of the local wineries, stroll through mesmerising sandy beaches and swim in quiet bays together, away from the crowds. Or perhaps you’d prefer an evening adventure where you can drift off into the sunset as you hold each other close and admire the serenity that surrounds you, whilst cherishing the moment with some delicious champagne. Whatever you adore the sound of more, there’s more than enough room to create these luxuries in Dubrovnik and you get to paint the picture just how you like it.

It all revolves around you

It’s vital to recollect and remember that your honeymoon holiday is all about YOU. Not other people, not other visitors but solely your partner and you. Hence why we emphasise on crafting an itinerary that suits you best and inspires you go break away from the ordinary and unwind a little. Croatia honeymoon destinations can be tricky to sift through as the country itself offers such prodigious beauty but when you narrow down the list, it’s inevitable that Dubrovnik can be found right at the top.

Best places to honeymoon in Croatia consist of many remarkable coastal fragments of paradise and frankly, you might want to visit them all. The splendid news is that honeymoon resorts in Croatia are scattered in abundance and there is simply so much to gaze upon; Dubrovnik itself offering the perfect measurement of intimacy, delight and versatility to shower your special retreat in moments of joy, discovery and infatuation. A city sure to have you floating on cloud nine.

Written by Maya Barach

Marathon Madness in Dubrovnik: a runners jackpot

Du Motion

So what are we talking about?

The Du Motion race is a sense stimulating occurrence that stirs up quite a colourful scene in Dubrovnik every year. It is open to everyone and welcomes people of all different walks of life. As long as you feel proactive and up to the challenge, getting registered is quick and easy and can be done online. With more and more people delving into fitness, running is the perfect outlet and form of release for many across the globe. Getting started is never easy but once you break past the barriers, it can become deeply satisfying and the rewards reaped are somewhat magical. Races in Croatia are a thought altering experience and here’s why.

Du Motion in all its glory:

The Walls of Dubrovnik offer a picturesque trail enriched with historical heritage that takes you on an adventure like no other. Words cannot encapsulate half of the experience itself but can serve as a little insight into what is to come. The medieval walls guide you through a movie-like encounter with Dubrovnik’s beauty, blended with a pinch of renaissance charm and height. This once a year event clears the walls of tourist and makes way for runners from different corners of the world.

On this special day, the walls become a playground for fitness lovers and transcend into a unique track full of fun. It’s inevitable that all those within close proximity to the Riviera can feel the motivation floating through the breeze as runners unite together for a day well spent in the sun. You can really feel the pearl of the Adriatic come alive during the Du Motion Marathon.

A win-win situation!

The marathon isn’t called Du Motion for no reason and it’s not difficult to see why! A challenging rhythm is inflicted on partakers from start to finish and summons runners to take on some 1080 steps whilst conquering the smooth ancient paving throughout the course. Due to the complex nature of the walls, even the most durable participants are given obstacles and really find themselves pushing their boundaries in order to breach the finish line. What fuels all the enthusiasm are the spectacular views that can be enjoyed from a 360 scope and the dazzling Adriatic waters down below. This race is both thrilling and rewarding, creating a sublime experience. One that’s not to be forgotten!

The Du Motion race was brought to life in 2015 with the goal of getting Dubrovnik moving and due to its growth in popularity, the race has rebirthed as a multi-day sports event! The day boasts up to four races and includes the Du Motion Expo which is a gathering space for attendees as well as Du Motion chat, where well-known lecturers share their thoughts on running and all things similar. The day also has a 5K charity race as well as a Kids Day and provides a day well-spent to truly carve your Dubrovnik experience.

Good-looking what’s cooking?

In 2016, the governing body for athletics in Europe in charge of safety and road race standards awarded Dubrovnik Half Marathon with a whopping 5 stars for its course quality. This is quite the achievement as it’s the biggest recognition a race can get and requires meeting as many as 54 different criteria (quality, organisation, international participation and more). If that doesn’t define impressive then what does! The umbrella association of Croatian travel agencies and the refined travel magazine Way to Croatia awarded Du Motion with “Simply the best” award due to its creativity, touristic novelty and contribution to touristic development with the Events – Sport and recreation section. Now we’re talking majestic!

So not only are Du Motion 2022 applications super straightforward to complete but the Du Motion website offers a jaw-dropping Run The Wall Package which provides you with everything you need and more. The package includes an abundance of perks and gadgets to ensure a wonderful running experience and even opens doors to some of Dubrovnik’s most astonishing sights. Some of the equipment you can find in your package consists of a sturdy backpack, a timing chip, a dry-fit t-shirt, a VIP goodie bag, a bib and more. So what other perks do you gain access to with the Du Motion Run The Wall package?

The Du Motion package grants its buyers the opportunity to indulge in free public transport, a free cable car ride, a guided tour of Dubrovnik, a delicious Pasta Party coupon and refreshments. The package also offers the chance to visit the mesmerising island of Lokrum and gives you access to Dubrovnik’s museums – free of charge. Not only does the package offer a bunch of attractive and tempting experiences but also comes with a medal which you can take home to your family and friends. After all, racing through the Dubrovnik City Walls is definitely something to be proud of and worth sharing. As they say, there’s no rest for the wicked and even the wicked have things to brag about!

Explore the unknown

If you find yourself visiting the charming city of Dubrovnik and you aren’t a runner, the Du Motion Marathon medley is still worth the hype. Why not try something new right? Most visitors have the Dubrovnik Walls on their list of things to see and the marathon is a great way to get your heart pumping whilst ticking this off. Why not incorporate some sport into your trip? Because there is nothing to lose here. By taking part you open yourself to meeting new faces, sharing memories with positivity fuelled minds and you get your dose of exercise in – all whilst reaping a bundle of rewards.

Are you convinced on Du Motion’s offer?

If this doesn’t trigger your spontaneous side, then we don’t know what will! Come out of your comfort zone, embed yourself in the ambiance and witness Dubrovnik from a new point of view this year. The Run The Wall race is set to take place on the 30th of April 2022 with the Dubrovnik Half Marathon following on May the 1st.

Written by Maya Barach

Benefits of the sea and all you need to know

Self-care: Method Sea

It’s no secret that the ocean bears hundreds of benefits known to man and has been perceived as a great healer for centuries. You may or may not be aware of all the greatness the sea itself offers and this is why we will be enlightening you through the course of this post. People have been running to the sea in attempt to rectify both interior and exterior complexes for years. From depression and anxiety to skin concerns and chronic illness, the sea has been an outlet for many seeking recovery, peace of mind and optimised well-being. Come with us on an educational eye-opening walk as we elaborate on the different aspects of what you can extract and how to do so effectively.

Why swim in the sea?

A whopping 8 million people take great pleasure in swimming outdoors due to its uplifting impact on both mind and body. Cold water swimming has incomparable health benefits that cannot be found elsewhere and it takes actively exploring this for yourself to really comprehend the root of it. The healing benefits of the ocean are one of mother nature’s many miracles given to man and we encourage everyone who feels comfortable in doing so to experience this for themselves. Benefits of swimming in the sea are endless, here’s why:

The great thing about getting acquainted with sea swimming is that you open yourself up to upgrading your circulatory system whilst boosting your immune system as naturally as possible. The process is as simple as this: Blood starts flowing as your system adjusts to the water temperature, causing your blood to plummet itself through your veins at great speed which results in enhanced circulation. Another additional fact that is widely talked about is that due to temperature change, your immune system experiences a reboot and pushes your body to create more white blood cells. Amazing right?

Very often you’ll hear swim enthusiasts ramble on about how swimming in cold water shocks the system and releases all the negatively pent up stuff from within. Not only this but it gives you a burst of endorphins as do many forms of proactive exercise and is a fantastic method to banish stress from the body, clear the mind and so forth. The mental health benefits of sea swimming are just the tip of the iceberg, brace yourselves as you’re about to discover a whole lot more.

As humans, we have many ways of detoxifying and mending ourselves; after all, we live in a world where self-care has become more valid than ever and taking ‘time out’ for yourself is crucial whilst coexisting in a fast-paced environment. Ever heard of saltwater being used in costly spa retreats? Yeah we have too and here’s why.  Saltwater contains an immense amount of magnesium, calcium, potassium and iodine. What this means is that these are all qualities the sea uses to help us heal. Those who have fallen under the wrath of eczema or acne would’ve heard about this by now. The benefits of sea water for skin cannot be compared to those of creams, ‘miracle’ serums or balms. A swim in cold water unclogs the pores and enables your body to soak in rich nutrients as well as diminish any harmful toxins your skin has been harnessing.

Benefits of having one-on-one encounters with marine life are endless, here’s why:

Interacting with wildlife has always been one of life’s many curiosities, whether you enjoy admiring fellow exist-ers or whether you are extremely passionate about the earths wonder, it would be very difficult not to notice the amazing organisms we share our planet with. As people most of us crave human contact whether that be hanging out with friends or hugging a partner. We need connection in order to feel content within.

But sometimes humans are tiring and overwhelming. This doesn’t mean that our desire for contact diminishes. This is where animals and plants swoop in. Wildlife is a great way to get this form of connectedness without constantly dealing with other people and their chaotic thought patterns. Often, interacting with wildlife gives us exactly what we need in order to feel alive and balanced, minus the draining and effort-pulling notions. Having close encounters with marine life is a lovely way to ease your shoulders, take a deep breath and sort through your thoughts strategically.

By foot you can stumble across rock pools, beautiful botanic species as well as discovering breath-taking views from higher up. The charm behind exploring marine life from the shore is that you can go seal or dolphin spotting and watch the birds on their fishing endeavours, all whilst being respectful and mindful in your presence and that’s the beauty of it. If you really want to unleash your inner explorer you can take a Private Boat Tour where you can further access secluded locations seeping with untouched nature, entangling greenery and a wider range of animals.

What’s wonderful about this is that you get to go on the water (think mental benefits) whilst discovering species comfortably existing in their habitats undisturbed. By engaging in this manner, you expose yourself to the sheer essence of nature which can be a life changing experience. Our perception of the planet constantly fluctuates and there’s no better way to deepen your understanding than putting yourself out there. Why not broaden your perspective and let your mind breathe a little? Seize the benefits of the sea!

Why spend time by the sea?

The answer is quite straightforward.

We’re aware that swimming isn’t for everyone and that is entirely ok. You do not have to physically plunge yourself into the water to yield the positives. Spending time within oceans reach alone also comes with some marvellous pros. Separating time to be at one with nature can improve your confidence, social interactions, physical health and catapult your mood into a tunnel of self-love, gratitude and appreciation.

Going outside means that you’re absorbing plenty of authentic vitamin D which encourages the body to grab the best nutrients from meals, ensuring ultimate bone, teeth and muscle performance. The natural lighting aids in levelling melatonin levels equalling a better sleep whilst showering you with an abundance of energy. The air found around the oceans crust is exceptionally useful for those who suffer from bronchitis, asthma and hay fever alike. Even a week away by the sea can work miracles for the entire immune system as it detoxes the body and bounces the mind back into harmony. Talk about stroking serotonin levels!

Taking a break from the city is a perfect way to really bond with nature as you feel little grains of sand slithering their way through the cracks of your toes. Come to a still and let the wind caress your face as you focus of taking deep breaths. We promise that this will leave your respiratory system feeling brand new. Vacations near the ocean have grown in popularity over the last decade or so and it’s no surprise. There’s nothing quite like escaping the ordinary and grounding yourself, benefits of the sea at your fingertips.

As mentioned above, the sea and its surroundings act as a massive playground for physical exercise and gives you mind-blowing views to feast on in the process. Whether you decide on a full-on work out by the water, a recharging stroll or a paddling adventure, there are so many options to choose from and all of them are accompanied by dazzling benefits. There’s something about exercising by the ocean that brings a great wave of peace as well as release.

We know that some of you may not be used to going in the sea, here are some tips for getting started:

  1. Go into the water slowly and throw water over your body gently before going in completely. This is so that you don’t experience a shock from the cold water.
  2. Take frequent swims to get your body used to the water, this will help you build up the core strength to swim throughout the year.
  3. Set yourself realistic goals such as specific timing for when you’re in the water.
  4. Do not try to swim past a certain point alone and always let someone know where / when you’re going swimming to be on the safe side.
  5. Buy some sea slippers so that you don’t feel uncomfortable when your feet touch rock and plant surfaces.
  6. Don’t over step your boundaries and monitor your progress.

Mould your outlook: learn to love the benefits of the sea

So we’ve established that many embrace sea water benefits for skin and turn to sea water therapy. Ocean benefits to humans are a gift from mother nature that should definitely be utilised for greater good! The mental health benefits of sea swimming can result in exhilarating emotion and a level headed approach to everything that follows. We’ve given you more than 5 uses of ocean water above which you can explore for yourself and enjoy. In answer to the question, “does your body absorb salt water from the ocean,” we say YES. For so many reasons. Overall, the sea is full of benefits – inside and out! From giving us sea moss and seaweed saturated in rich minerals for ingestion to optimal physical health as well as tranquillity of mind, what more could we ask for?

The ocean is somewhat a like a diamond in the rough and continues to contribute to our wellbeing infinitely. Many of us are oblivious to how precious it is and all it offers us. This is why we encourage you to get your own dose of Vitamin sea and to be considerate of your surroundings in doing so. After all, what we take care off takes care of us and we think that’s out of this world.  

Written by Maya Barach

Catch flights not feelings: Direct Flights to and from Dubrovnik in 2022

Direct flights to Dubrovnik

Now is the time to spread your wings!

With Dubrovnik comfortably landing itself on TripAdvisor’s list of top 10 trending destinations in 2022 – There’s no better time than now to scan the web for the best available flight options and get yourself to the heart of Dalmatia this year. With so much intrigue, beauty and charm at your disposal, you’d be wild not to have a browse. Rest assured, you have come to the right place as we’re about to take you on a full tour of all the latest flight options, info and more. Direct flights to Dubrovnik are expanding so fasten your seatbelt and prepare for take-off!

Which airlines fly direct to Dubrovnik is the first question that skips through your wandering mind. What are the options for direct flights to Dubrovnik from Europe? Are there direct flights to Dubrovnik from the USA? What hot deals are blossoming right now? Furthermore, how can I land myself in Dubrovnik as smoothly as possible without sending my wallet into tears? So many questions, right!

& exhale…

Take a deep breath, put down your coffee and stand still for a second because we have some brilliant news for you. Not only are travel restrictions easing worldwide but the flight parachute is opening wide again and is now providing people with offers more attractive than ever!

We know that booking flights can become tedious and stressful for most but we hope to relax the process a little for you with the information down below. Besides, we know that booking flights can be draining and getting to the airport comes with mixture of emotions; however, touchdown has never felt so rewarding. Think crystal clear waters, soothing sunshine, fruity cocktails and succulent seafood. Invigorating activities, friendly locals, enchanting nature and mesmerising Mediterranean culture.

Moretti for Explore Dubrovnik

Direct flights to Dubrovnik and what you need to know:

Starting with our American friends – Flights from Newark to Dubrovnik are making a swift return from the 27th of May 2022 with some very eye-grabbing prices! Direct flights to Dubrovnik from NYC are being made easy with a lovely twist. United Flights are offering flights starting as low as $679 and are providing the option of paying $67 per month for those wishing to spread out their costs. This scheme encourages people to take the leap and push their worries aside, ensuring a holiday filled with laughs, Adriatic beauty and warmth.

The Boeing 767-300 maintained flights will be departing Newark every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday offering plenty of flexibility. Moreover, United Flights have extended their program with services continuing right through to the end of October this year. This means that you can whizz yourself off to Dubrovnik whenever it suits you, whenever you feel like it, with united direct flights to Dubrovnik now more accessible than ever. Despite American Airlines no longer providing direct routes to the pearl of the Adriatic, United are here to lighten the mood with their arrestingly spectacular offers and exclusively invite you to venture out this summer.

A bouquet of opportunities – In the palm of your hands

For our European crew- Flights to Dubrovnik from Europe are bursting at the seams in terms of variety, locations and jaw dropping deals right now. Direct flights to Dubrovnik from Italy (return) can be found for as low as €18, with flights from Spain and France boasting a handful of similar options. The flight duration is a walk in the park, not to mention the colourful range of transport options available for when you land. Dubrovnik has never been so easy to reach; welcoming you with open arms and nothing less.

Gorgeous scenery, all the untouched nature one’s soul could possibly require, stunning aquamarine waters you can dip your toes into and tons of delicious freshly caught cuisine you can tuck right into. It’s no surprise that Dubrovnik has become a hot destination and is being talked about all over, the city caters to everyone’s desire whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat or an energy-fuelled escapade across the Adriatic.

Moretti for Explore Dubrovnik

How to fall in love with travel all over again

With the region rapidly growing in popularity, scheduling your trip has never been easier. You can use companies like sky scanner to do the ‘brain-work’ for you or you can simply enter something as brief as your location and Dubrovnik side by side into your preferred search engine and you will be met with loads of different results, offers and packages. This goes for Private Boat Tours once you’re in town as well! Everything has been simplified so that the relaxing and unwinding starts NOW.

To touch on the mental relief, we’ve been handed in the past few months – things are really shifting and becoming easier. We know that the pandemic plagued many minds with what ifs and whens but this all seems to be becoming a distant memory now. As we went into the pandemic (frantic as ever because weren’t we all) we all experienced serious distress as well as a huge amount on uncertainty. When would we see family again? Would we be able to go on holiday again? When would we be able to travel as before? How would any of this work?

Retreat back to yourself in the end

After loads of changes and hectic events, we seem to be getting back to a somewhat usual routine and it’s truly starting to feel amazing. And what better time than now to embrace these shifts and changes, dust ourselves off as best as we can and dive into life full force again. Life is resuming little by little and the world is slowly opening up again. We know that ‘coming out’ the shell can be tricky and different for everyone. This is why we encourage you to take things at your own pace and if you feel comfortable enough, venture out. Take the plunge. Engulf yourself in the world again.

What better a moment than to grasp this right now and set ourselves free again. In terms of hopping on a plane, self-care getaways, family functions, sweet escapes and all the rest. We are no longer confined to the walls of our homes and its time to go be at one with mother nature, somewhere where anxiety is put to sleep and the sun is high in the sky.

Flickr: OneikaTraveller

Head over to our Instagram @ExploreDubrovnik for an insight into what we have to offer Dubrovnik’s visitors this summer as well as what we get up to on a daily basis! Check out our TikTok for snippets of Dubrovnik’s charming Riviera and snippets of our activities out at sea.

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Why Dubrovnik is flaming hot for 2022: ignite your travel


Putting out with the old and in with the new into perspective!

As we’re about to dip our toes into the vibrant season of spring, we’re all beginning to consider which destinations we want to discover and breathe-through this year. With so many hit locations rapidly surfacing in all corners, we’re being hit with heftier decision making and intensely structured planning now. Last year many of us were embarking on smaller retreats and consciously diving into nature but 2022 is the year we take bigger leaps. By this we’re talking stretching our perimeters in terms of comfort zones, longer distances and entirely new experiences. As the world crawls out of its pandemic induced pause, people are eager to ‘get out there’ now more than ever!

Tripadvisor has constructed a blazing list of top 10 Trending Destinations across the globe for 2022, with Dubrovnik landing right in the middle. The region previously known as Ragusa Republic is soaring on wish lists amongst all ages right now and is overtaking places such as Ibiza, Santorini and Turkey. The region offers lush portions of greenery, plenty of honey for the well-being, mouth-watering cuisine and all the Adriatic charm one needs to feel recollected and recharged.

Dubrovnik is widely infused with breath-taking scenery, an abundance of lively activities and chunks of Mediterranean heaven – all within finger tips reach of you this year. Travel restrictions are drastically softening and venturing is starting to feel normal again! Baring this in mind, what better moment than now to schedule a sunny getaway to get lost in this summer?

Island hopping
Island hopping with Explore Dubrovnik Private Tours

So you ask why choose Dubrovnik this summer?

Whether you’ve been longing for a change of environment and atmosphere all together or you’ve been wanting to go somewhere refreshing and sunny, Dubrovnik is the place that compensates for all that one has been missing – in every shape way and form.

So you’ve heard a lot about Croatia from friends in the past couple of years but haven’t had the opportunity to visit? Dubrovnik is a supreme choice for your first adventure. Adore seafood and Mediterranean culture but are scared due to a somewhat restrictive budget? Dubrovnik can accommodate to you regardless of this due its multiple options. Simply dying to go snorkelling whilst embracing the majestic Adriatic waters? Come and dive right in; there is so much on offer!

Not only this but Dubrovnik is a brilliant starting point for visiting a bunch of Croatia’s popular islands and is a hub for island hoppers wanting to discover multiple hidden gems without complication. Luckily Dubrovnik is brightly equipped transport-wise and can take you almost anywhere your heart desires.

swim stop
Discovering Dubrovnik by boat

Thousands have crossed Dubrovnik off their bucket list… Why not you?

With so much to choose from activity wise, Dubrovnik caters to people on all types of different walks of life and that’s what makes it such an attractive epicentre. The region strokes the hearts of all history lovers, architecture fanatics and wildlife fans; the city itself offers a huge selection of city experiences and wholesome day trips, whether you want to stay local and cosy exploring your surroundings or whether you want to delve further out and tick off other fractions of Croatia’s alluring coastline – Dubrovnik is the perfect place to do just this.

Dubrovnik falls under one of the world’s most hypnotizing walled cities and is Croatia’s most esteemed destination. A refined and enlightened Adriatic oasis, the city is saturated in beautiful baroque churches, gorgeous medieval fortifications and is humming with life all year round. Dubrovnik continues to wheel in stylish names such as Roman Abramovich, Naomi Campbell, Tom Cruise, Elisabeth Taylor and more, as it ages spectacularly.

The pedestrian only Old Town entrances all those within its reach and leaves an intricate imprint on all its visitors. Whether you find yourself only transiting and rushing through its cobbled terracotta glazed streets or whether you’re here to stay, you will experience its opulent trance for yourself within minutes. Strutting along the wall’s outskirts you are met with tons of attractions including lavish restaurants, energetic beach clubs, quirky wine bars and the finest of seafood bars.

snorkelling guest
Snorkelling in Dubrovnik

The hidden gems to catch a sight of

The coast itself universally acclaimed for its rock and pebble appearance, boasts impeccable beaches with amazing kayaking and diving facilities readily available. The wonderful thing about Dubrovnik is that you have access to beaches in abundance – you can check out Lapad Bay which is slightly west of the town or you can head off to Lokrum, only a short boat ride away from the Old Town and indulge in its salt lake, botanical garden and astonishing wildlife. And if you really want to unleash your inner explorer whilst having tons of fun, you can take off to the pinene scented Elaphiti Islands for a day you’ll cease to forget.

Amongst all the splendid experiences you can engulf yourself in, an Elaphite islands boat tour is a must whilst visiting. Dubrovnik boat rental is a plush encounter many wish to snatch whilst visiting as it gives you the opportunity to cruise the Elaphiti islands in utmost style as well as venturing out to hotspots such as Hvar, Mljet, Korcula and many more. Rewind Dubrovnik is given its meaning through the various moments of joy the region offers, leaving its visitors in awe of its endless possibilities.

Short boat trips from Dubrovnik are an ideal way to escape the crowds and pamper yourself without having to overstep your safe space completely – this is why so many visitors opt for a Dubrovnik boat trip to Lokrum, Kotor Dubrovnik boat trip or Elaphiti island cruise. You have the chance to see, feel and experience whatever you wish; if you decide on a Dubrovnik Private Tour, everything from itinerary to time-spent-in-location is entirely and exclusively down to you.

Happy guests Dubrovnik Boat Tour
Exploring Dubrovnik’s Riviera

The possibilities are endless – Here’s why you should grasp them

The benefits of Dubrovnik island tours are boundless, not only are you provided with one-on-one bonding moments with nature but you have the choice of snorkelling and swimming in many secluded bays without the fear of being disturbed. It is in these moments of pleasure that visitors feel like the Pearl of the Adriatic belongs to them. This is due to the fact that when people look for things to do in Dubrovnik, they are usually swarmed with choice and aren’t sure what to do in order to tick of their numerous want-to-dos in one shot.

Day cruises from Dubrovnik enable travellers to seize a variety of indulgent happenings in one go; being able to snorkel, swim, beach lounge, cocktail taste, restaurant hop and traverse mass historical sites all together. People also take great pleasure in the flexible and adjustable itineraries they’re provided with. Who doesn’t like being able to sculpt their own holiday tour based on their preferences alone?!

Guests on board
Private Boat Tours with Explore Dubrovnik

A warm heart is a welcome heart

When visiting a place that contrasts to home, you constantly find yourself turning to locals and others for information, advice and knowledge because let’s face it, you’re a stranger here. Constantly turning to others for help can become dreary and annoying because you feel like a newbie wherever you go and usually things that you’d have no issue executing alone become a little complex due to lack of information.

Another highlight of taking part in Dubrovnik island tours is that the tours are carried out by professional locals who are eager to enlighten you on the region and all its best fragments. For instance, Explore Dubrovnik skippers are at your service from departure to close and are more than happy to provide you with tailored suggestions, answers and positive vibes for the entire day – without that common feeling of being a needy tourist! In fact, our skippers love interacting with guests and go to extreme lengths to ensure they feel as comfortable and included as one can be.

Another perk of having such attentive company on a day seeping with adventure is that a weight gets lifted off your shoulders instantly. This is because the team does the thinking for you. This goes for route suggestions, weather conditions, activity planning and more. Talk about putting the mind at ease! In doing this, our staff guarantee a day that consists of nothing but blissful recreation, relaxation and delight, enabling guests to truly make the most of their time spent. Furthermore, we firmly believe that this is a flawless recipe for a day well spent at sea in Dalmatia, discovering the immense beauty that lays within Croatia’s most prepossessing corners.

Explore Dubrovnik Private Boat Tours
All aboard!

Seeking and finding: Serenity

Many guests find that the relieving and elastic nature of our tours play a big role in their stay as they can truly unwind, embrace and de-stress, which is what a lot of people seek in Dubrovnik.

Private boat trips have the power to genuinely complete a holiday and we encourage everyone to experience this for themselves at one point! Whether you’re looking for a lush escape from the noise or to fully immerse yourself in Mediterranean culture, your wishes can be fulfilled. And that, is the pleasure of dodging the ordinary and letting yourself loose in the best of hands. Dubrovnik is calling and welcomes you with open arms this summer!

Beautiful secluded locations at your fingertips

Written by Maya Barach

Sunset Private Tours & why YOU need to experience this for yourself

Sunset private tours

Let’s talk a little about sunsets in general

So you may be wondering why sunset private tours are so widely discussed and appear to be the highlight of many people’s holidays. In this blog we break down the benefits of watching the sun go down & why embarking on such a tour can really complete your time away. Follow us on a journey of enjoyment, relaxation and wholesome visuals as we sail you through this succulent sunset briefing.

Sunsets are invigorating, romantic and Instagram worthy slices of mother nature’s offerings. Although catching a sunset in any location comes with many benefits, there is nothing like the sunset you experience when abroad. There is something so empowering about being on holiday somewhere warm and vibrant, whilst having the opportunity of accompanying the sun as it goes down.

We often forget how much of luxury it is to be able to infuse our day with the sun’s enchantment and quite frequently take this for granted. We get it. Life is fast-paced, full of surprises and often runs ahead of us. Nonetheless, well-being wise – it is important to pause every so often and simply just inhale, exhale and ground ourselves. The sun is one of the, if not best tools to utilise for grounding purposes as well as many other positive purposes.

Flickr: Keurti

Here are 6 reasons why you should open up a space for sunset:

Pocketful of sunshine

Research shows that the psychological effects of watching a sunset intensifies long-term satisfaction in life, fills you up with productive vibes and contributes to physical aspects such as stress relief and release of congested brain fog. To sum this up, sunsets are proven to de-clutter the anxious mind and provide a feeling of ease which leads to an uplifted mood.

It’s all about balance

Very often we find ourselves completely drowning in chaos from workload to personal issues. When this happens, becoming a hermit and hibernating indoors seems like the plausible option. This can be even more destructive but difficult to see whilst in the midst of things. Sunset watching gives us a reason to leave our ‘hibernation pod’ and grasp nature’s soul food without sacrificing too much time.

This means that we don’t have to beat ourselves up about time keeping like we would when we spend ridiculous chunks of time completing monotone day-to-day tasks. Sunset o’clock isn’t referred to as magic hour for no reason and even 15 to 20 minutes of being present and breathing in fresh air can make you feel revitalized and enfolded.

Natural healing

Another great reason to invest both time in yourself and the sun is because sunsets shower us in inspiration we’re not even aware of! Artists have turned to sunset for centuries and not without reason. The suns perennial nature has transcendent qualities that vibrate on a spiritual level; resonating with us in the most intrinsic ways which we tend to turn a blind eye to. Think healing, creativity, regeneration and balance when we say this. If you integrate the sun’s mysticism into your life in whatever amount suits you, the effects can be somewhat short of miraculous.

blissfully unaware & the quick remedy

As people, we are overly used to having the sun above us and cease to acknowledge it as our lives unfold. Making room for sunset is almost like an undo button for this. Not only is watching the sun rewarding but it makes you much more appreciative of the planet we inhabit. Statistics have proven that any interaction with the sun, whether its rising or setting, gives you a better sense of gratitude and how you view the earth you live on. Being part of a sunset audience diminishes distractions, pumps satisfaction into your body and helps you to be as present as one can be.

Double-sided capture

Although it is suggested to put your phone on mute and aside whilst watching so that you absorb every inch of delight – we can’t help but mention that sunset makes for perfect picture taking. No matter where you find yourself, capturing the suns beauty is a must. Whether you use social media or not; taking pictures of the entrancing light portal is somewhat a reflex.

Have you ever sat on a bench and gazed into the sun, then felt the urge to get your phone out? We know the answer to this one. Ever been walking somewhere and suddenly stopped to get that money-shot? We have too.

You can never go wrong with sharing a story of a beautiful sunset. Add some music and you’ve got yourself some winning content. Everyone loves a milky sky shot saturated in notes of warm fuchsia. Or orange beams laid on a bed of clouds. Another factor to take into account is that you will never see the same sunset again. Each one is completely unique and built in its own way.

recharge yourself

Watching the sunset has a timeless beauty embedded inside. The comforting tones and shades are strong enough to make even the busiest of bodies pause for a while. It’s soothingly easy to get lost in the colours and block out everything else, even for a short period. You can utilise this time frame to reflect, meditate and rid your mind of clutter.

Flickr: msm_danka

There’s nothing like a glowing sunset to end a healthy day!

The Dubrovnik Romantic Sunset Boat Tour is one of the most unique experiences you can grasp in the city. During this 2-hour duration, you get the opportunity to feast your eyes on one of the Adriatic’s most mesmerising sights – from the comfort of your own private vessel. Due to the exclusive nature of this tour, you are placed right in the heart of the moment. The rest of the world sweetly goes on silent and the moment is refined to just you, the sun and the waves beneath you.

Of course, your skipper is present throughout the tour however you can choose to interact as much or as little as you like. This is entirely up to you and what you want. This being said, your skipper is there to guide your tour and provide you with any advice or assistance you may need. Whether you are curious about Dalmatia’s historical heritage or want to try the best seafood in town, your skipper will do his best job at providing you with whatever information your heart desires. Or for instance, if you prefer being quiet and minimal contact; this too is on the menu!

The Romantic Sunset Tour is usually scheduled to start approximately 1.5 hours before the sun sets and due to this varying daily, the departure time revolves around this. The tour can begin from either Old Town Port or Port Gruz, the choice is completely yours. The trip is exclusively private meaning that you are given full control over where you cruise by / through, the atmosphere on board and how you distribute the duration of your tour.

You can cruise along the Old Town Walls and Lokrum Island or you can head towards the Elaphiti Islands, where you can admire the scenery whilst soaking in the last fractions of the day’s sun. No matter which route you side with, the surroundings are breath taking (perks of Dubrovnik) and will leave you speechless.

Our skippers are all locals and are fully equipped with all the possible knowledge you could look for in a guide figure. This makes the experience that bit more entrancing as you can ask as many questions as you like, seek suggestions along the way and generally feel at overall ease as you make the most of your evening.

Once the sun begins to rest, we can anchor the boat at your spot of choice and esteem the gorgeous sky, champagne in hand! Not only is the Sunset Tour a relaxing and intimate experience but it is also the perfect way to spend an evening with a loved one. We provide free champagne on board and let nature do most of the talking. The charm behind this tour is that it doesn’t require tons of work or effort to make the most of. Literally sit back and let your surroundings paint an alluring picture, just for you! This makes the Sunset Tour special because it really allows you to indulge in the moment, in comfort and in style.  

Add a special sprinkle

The Dubrovnik Romantic Sunset private boat tour is exceptional for proposals, special celebrations and spoiling loved ones. A truly charming way to shower someone with affection as well as a great opportunity to see Dubrovnik drawn in a different light. One of the lovely things about this type of tour is that it gives you an utterly new perspective on the city itself. The calming yet deep waves, the birds retreating through the slanting rays, the bobbing boats in the distance, the briny yet refreshing sea scent… all these factors play a big role in your experience and come together to create the perfect evening momentum – curated especially for you.

Dubrovnik Sunset by boat
Explore Dubrovnik

Still wondering about sunset private tours?

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or curiosities you may have. Aftercall, we do somewhat self-refer to ourselves as sunset connoisseurs! Contact us via email or on social media – We’re happy to provide you with answers.

Written by Maya Barach

Croatia solo travel: 18 things to do alone in Dubrovnik

solo travel

Croatia is a stunning holiday destination and is widely popular amongst touristic minds worldwide. Known for its Old Towns, historical heritage and delicious seafood, Croatia has landed itself on many bucket lists over the years. As a country it welcomes solo travellers as well as families and bigger groups. Boasting brilliant infrastructure, decent transport and plenty of places to make yourself at home in.

No matter where you visit, you are bound to bump into other travelling souls. This provides a feeling of ease and makes feeling content that bit simpler. Journeying alone in Croatia is safer in contrast to a lot of other places and most of the younger generations have good knowledge of English which comes in handy for when you need assistance. Croatia isn’t just drenched in beauty but it also provides a very chilled atmosphere for lone wolves. Despite most people preferring being in a group when going on tours, touring alone can be extremely exhilarating too!

Dalmatia Croatia
Flickr: Stella T. Photography

Previously, Croatia was a rather monitored country but as time has progressed, it has become more and more welcoming to tourists and people from all over. Croatia offers a vibrant collection of diverse islands, an energetic night scene and tons of intriguing architecture throughout its regions. This appeals to both older and younger audiences.

Croatia sits tightly in between its neighbours (Hungary, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia) and is easy to get to. It is a highly tranquil country that yields a magnificent coastline, a pocketful of charm and intertwined towns, saturated in ravishing renaissance.

So why visit Dubrovnik alone?

Proclaimed the ‘pearl of the Adriatic’, Dubrovnik is famous for being an UNESCO World Heritage Site and is paradise for lovers of history and untouched nature. How enchanting right? Embedded in its timeless beauty, Dubrovnik is recommended as a first location for those who have not yet ventured through the country. Known for being a wide-spread trading town, Dubrovnik is now one of the most sought after locations across the Mediterranean. The city alone offers a generous range of cute cafes and interesting spots with plenty to offer.

Cow print chairs in Dubrovnik Cafe
Flickr: Joseph Hollick

Many people are instantly drawn in upon discovering that Dubrovnik is host to many Game of Thrones filming locations and want to visit them immediately. If you’re a pro in terms of series, you will be able to notice many settings scattered around the city as you go along. Another fun-filled activity to engage is embarking on an actual Game of Thrones private boat tour – which we offer here at Explore Dubrovnik! You can enjoy Dubrovnik’s charming Riviera as you cruise along all the coastal filming locations whilst listening to a specially tailored briefing from your local guide, sharing all the juicy info and history with you. Our Game of Thrones by Boat Tour involves seeing plenty of nature, astonishing architecture and gives you a first-hand insight into the local lifestyle.

There is something mystical about the city itself, you can almost feel it in the air. Rich in hidden alleyways, amazing local produce and bubbly locals, everything leads to enjoyment here. You can perch on the church steps and people watch or you can find a little brunch place and discover the scrumptious plates they have to offer. As mentioned in our article on The Best Things to do in Dubrovnik, the city walls are gorgeously preserved and are best discovered as the sun comes up or goes down. The Old Town Walls make a splendid sunset stroll for people of all ages and give you a brilliant yet unique perspective on the Old Town. Overall, there is so much to experience in the wonderful city of Dubrovnik – accompanied or solo. Dubrovnik accommodates to all. This is partially why so many hearts are swindled by the city.

Dubrovnik Walls Old Town
Flickr: J.R. Rondeau

Alone and ready to venture

Solo travel can be very liberating. Travelling alone consists of many factors most of us don’t even acknowledge to begin with. Some of these are nourishing solution finding skills, stumbling across new faces, cracking the shell of your comfort zone and having full on freedom. This freedom being the kind where you can freely plan and sculpt your schedule to your preferences alone, without discussion. Going on a trip alone is also a big confidence builder and effectively helps you push past specific boundaries in the process.

Backpack solo travel
Flickr: amanknpu

What better location to discover all this in than in Dubrovnik?

Here’s our list of things to check out when travelling alone:

  1. 1. Learn about the city’s past with a thrilling cable car ride and visit the war museum to really get a gist of Croatia’s history. We promise you there is no way more ideal, than to better your understanding like this! Make sure you grab a coffee to enjoy before heading back down and embrace the panoramic views of the baked terracotta rooftops as you go. This is a fascinating way to capture the best views of the city whilst topping up on some knowledge.

Dubrovnik Cable Car ride
Flickr: Thomas Woitulek

2. Indulge in a delicious Al Fresco lunch as you watch both boats and people bustle by. Having lunch by yourself doesn’t have to be depressing or boring. Instead you can choose to see it as some quality you-time with a pinch of self-care. Whilst filling up your stomach with all kinds of delicacies, you can observe your surroundings and admire the scenery. There really is a lot to appreciate! The relaxing atmosphere and warm sea air creates a splendid setting for doing just this. Pick your spot, get comfortable and bon appetit!

Lokrum Lunch
Flickr: faranorclarke

3. Discover the daily market at Gundulic Square and pick up some lovely local produce. Gundulic Square market holds a huge range of fresh fruit and veg to feast on as well as loads of intriguing souvenirs, handmade products and random finds made with utmost love. Even if you’re not particularly up for shopping, head over to the square for your dose of colour and culture. There’s something about being in the midst of a busy pijaca (market) that gives you an instant intrigue and boost of energy which we can’t explain. This is something you have to experience for yourself!

Gundulic Square Market fruit and veg
Flickr: willatravel

4. Head over to the island of Lokrum, only a short ride away from the Old Town. Embark on one of its many forest trails and go swimming on the beach for a well-deserved scoop of bliss. Check out the monastery, eye-catching botanical gardens and the ruined fort or head straight over to the mesmerising salt-water lake. You can jump off the cliffs, enjoy the nearby café or simply take in your surroundings. Lokrum is a brilliant escape from crowds yet isn’t far and difficult to get to either. Some visitors make multiple visits to this beauty, as it captivates all who lay their eyes on its delightful ground. If you enjoy being at one with nature and have a love for wildlife, this is definitely for you.

Lokrum Salt Lake
Flickr: Julien

5. Catch a sunset from the comfort of Buza Bar – unwind with a refreshing beverage and watch the waves crash below your feet. Literally! This makes for a wonderful evening activity and attracts people from everywhere. The ambiance is one unmatched and the staff are pleasant. Intimate yet spaced out, Buza Bar is a lovely little spot that offers space for relaxation, bonding and enjoyment.

Buza Bar Dubrovnik
Flickr: adollmeyer

6. Explore the Dominican Monastery, built in the 14th century and prepare for gothic renaissance galore as well as a plenty of intriguing art. The monastery also offers a great library to get stuck right into! Situated between Ploce Gate and Sponza Palace.

Dominican Monastery Dubrovnik
Flickr: brownpau

7. Take off on a private boat tour to the island of Korcula and swap hectic crowds for wonderful wine culture, its majestic old city and some of the most breath-taking beaches in the country. Nestled approximately two and half hours away from Dubrovnik by speedboat, this enchanting town is ideal for the heart that wonders. Historically speaking, Korcula was under venetian control for centuries and boasts a variety of mouth-dropping infrastructure such as St. Mark’s Cathedral, beautiful balconies and columns as well as limestone shavings wherever you step. Korcula by boat is a spectacular day activity for people of all ages and is one of our must-see locations! Offering scenic views, tranquil spots and tons of soul food.

Flickr: Sarah

8. Go island hopping across the Elaphiti islands. Visit Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan as you feast your eyes on all of mother nature’s best kept archives, mass historical heritage and secret gems to your heart’s desire. A truly special and shifting experience for all those involved and all within close proximity to Dubrovnik Town. The highlights of going island hopping consist of being able to experience one-on-one encounters with wildlife, being able to leisurely walk to beaches, swim in coves and go walking undisturbed without running into clusters of people. You have all these pros in the palm of your hand and can do whatever you desire with that!

Explore Dubrovnik

9. Absorb the traditional culture of Cilipi Village in the Konavle Valley and try wine tasting in a local wine cellar as you watch a captivating folk performance. This is a great way to spend an afternoon or an evening, close to the city. This is also one of the best ways to truly immerse yourself in Dalmatian culture and learn a few things while you’re at it.

Folklore dancers Cilipi
Flickr: liam black

10. Venture over to the delicately preserved island of Mljet- a great option for lovers of swimming, diving and soul-resting hiking. Dive into Saplunara, a mesmerising cove or branch into the rich pine forests and get lost in the magic of Mljet. The island offers plenty of isolated bays to relax in and makes an invigorating yet calming trip. Mljet is one of the most entrancing islands in the country and is worth the visit.

Mljet water
Flickr: karlnorling

11. Treat your taste buds over on the Peljesac Peninsula and abandon the clusters of noise for a while. Only 40 minutes away from Dubrovnik you can find this sweet escape. Check out the amazing wineries and even stop off at one of many oyster farms nearby. The choice is yours! Peljesac is also not far from the heart of Dubrovnik and is the perfect location for getting out of the city temporarily.

Flickr: Marz88

12. Go on a Dubrovnik Sunset private tour and gaze into the sky from the comfort of your own exclusive vessel as you sip on some champagne. What a treat! Going on a private tour means that you are given full control over your itinerary. To expand, this means that you get the chance to see exactly what you want on your own timing. Private tours are memorable escapades that are completely tailored to you. It’s all about you here!

Flickr: christinalodenius-nyberg

13. If you find yourself in a party mood – delve into Culture Club Revelin, one of the best nightclubs within the city. Situated in a 16th-century fortress, you can dance side by side with podium dancers’ way into the sunrise. Furthermore, the perk of going out late in Dubrovnik is that it is super safe so you have nothing to worry about whilst out alone. Another bonus is that you will most likely meet someone to enjoy the nightlife with. Visit Culture Club Revelin for a night of excitement, fun and mingling. The club provides excellent entertainment which amuses its guests and ensures a happy return in the future.

Culture Club Revelin
Flickr: eye.rees

14. Wine and dine yourself at one of the city’s best restaurants. Luckily Dubrovnik is on coast’s edge therefore you have a luxurious range of freshly caught seafood available to dig into and loads of aesthetically pleasing spots to sit down in. Try a speciality like an octopus’ salad or pick a seafood platter and get stuck in. Dining in Dubrovnik is like going to an exquisite funfair but all the rides are so alluring that you have difficulty finding where to begin. Luckily, the locals are all super friendly and encouraging; if you happen to need some advice on cuisine, you will not be left without.

Flickr: gjbarb

15. Drink a cocktail at the seductive Cave bar, situated at Kardinala Stepinca 33, Hotel More. A wonderful experience in a special setting. The Cave bar also offers a refined menu of snacks you can indulge in whilst listening to the whispers of the Adriatic.

Flickr: Emmanuel Diver

16. Take a little trip to Sveti Jakov beach and allow yourself to be washed away by the dazzling scenery and vibes that come with. Avoid the crowds of Dubrovnik’s city beach Banje and experience some quality beach time, surrounded by Mediterranean charm. The waters here are both pristine and therapeutic. The walk to the beach itself is satisfying and beneficial as you find yourself circled with interesting plants, magnificent rocks and an amazing view of the islands ahead. You might even come across some turtles on the way!

Flickr: Falco Ermert

17. Head over to Porporela in the evening where you can find groups of people lounging around on the benches and rocks. Many people turn to Porporela for swimming and sunbathing during the day and most tourists tend to stumble across this little gem, hidden on the outskirts of the Old Town – by chance. Porporela is a hotspot amongst locals for many reasons but isn’t overly chosen as a swim spot by tourists . This being said, Porporela offers some challenging cliffs to jump off from as well as a nice quiet swimming experience. There is also a cosy little bar that serves refreshments and tantalising Aperol Spritz throughout the day into the evening. Perch yourself on one of the cosy tables and admire the marina over a flickering candle light and some light lounge music. Romance yourself a little!

Flickr: Mini Mel

18. And if you’re feeling a little fancy, make your way to Coral Beach Club. You can find plenty of spots to chill in, lush palm trees and an endless list of refreshments and food to snack on. Although the place does get quite busy, it’s definitely a different experience to most beaches around. Often you can find minimal house music playing there, groups chattering and sharing memories together as well as luxurious lounge spots to choose from.

Google: Coral Beach Club Dubrovnik

And there you have it! Our list of top things to experience whilst travelling alone. We know that travelling alone can be scary at times, especially as you step away from your comfort zone. This is why it’s important to look at the pros to solo travel instead of choosing to see all the grey. 99% of the time, travelling alone is an extremely eye-opening experience and contributes to character building like no other. Prior to taking the leap, it is vital to research where you’re heading to and to prepare in advance. Other than this, you don’t need much apart from will, courage and a mind full of adventure.

Dubrovnik is the perfect choice for a first lone-travel location due to so many reasons and it’s not hard to see why! It’s also key to do things naturally and by that we mean in your own time. You don’t have to worry about rushing to travel alone or places drastically changing because the city will be here when and if you decide you are ready.

We hope you have enjoyed this blog, from Dubrovnik – with love.

Written by Maya Barach

How to do Dubrovnik like a local

Dubrovnik like a local

There’s nothing better than experiencing a place through the eyes and ears of a local. You arrive somewhere and you don’t feel alienated or lost in the slightest. You fit right in and are welcomed with open arms.

There are most likely traditional delicacies and an ice cold jug of homemade syrup waiting for you on the terrace. Your host guides you through the place, thoroughly explaining what is what and instantly gives you a list of things to see and do. They also let you know that if you need any help or have any questions, they are here whenever you need them. You put your belongings down in the corner and open the blinds to gaze down upon the busy Old Town in motion. So how to do Dubrovnik like a local?

Traveling is about crawling out of your comfort zone, immersing yourself in local culture even when it has a huge contrast to your own and testing your boundaries. Why venture out to then spend every minute leeched onto a group of tourists, wondering around in an invisible cage? Set yourself free!

Remain local

Let yourself breathe and don’t go stumbling into ‘nomad’ ghettos. What we mean by nomad ghettos are the places swarmed with plastered foreigners who seem to have lost track of what they’re doing, what their purpose is and where they are all together. It is in these types of places that you will find yourself most vulnerable. Despite being told by many guide services, that sticking to touristy areas is for the best – you are most likely to get scammed or robbed in those very areas.

Being in control of your own independent accommodation and situated in places where people live comfortably day-today is where you want to be. You can also access specific sites where you can find locals who are happy to introduce you to the city’s gems and give you an authentic walk through. Doing things this way ensures a wholesome yet real experience, away from overrated agencies who are more than eager to drag anyone around for a wad of cash. Using these kinds of sites can come with many benefits and can even lead you to genuine locals willing to host your trip and more.

Showcase the market in Stradun
Flickr: JeremiahChristopher

Experimental engagement

Get rid of the fear you hold inside when it comes to trying new cuisine when travelling. Be brave and go for the most absurd sounding dish on the menu. Order a bizarre side and tuck in. Go for the cocktail you’ve never heard off. Dive into the strange looking finger-food that welcomed you to your table. Local food might look frightening but at least, if you taste something and dislike it, you’ll have a funny tale to tell.

A lot of the time, local cuisine will outdo a great amount of food on the regular market and will be a lot more economically rewarding. Ask the locals to give you a handful of favourite restaurants, stalls and dishes to try. Even if you love food from home, it will never be of the same quality elsewhere anyway. Test the waters for yourself!

Flickr: Jorge Franganillo (Taj Mahal Dubrovnik)

Throw away and refresh

So you’ve been planning your trip for the longest while and have it all figured out. Or so you’re convinced. You’ve scanned every tell-me-how website and read every guidebook around. Heck you’re so equipped on knowledge that you could give others a tour. Or so you think.

Put this mentality to rest because there is never enough you can absorb to give you all the answers. No matter how certain you are – you will not know what you’re doing until you are there in the present. Abiding by guidebook rules and site suggestions not only gives off an air of ‘what on earth am I doing’ but it pushes you to follow in a sheep-like motion and be in the midst of where literally everyone is and has been.

Instead of being a ‘follower’, get cosy with the locals and ask them about their favourite spots, bars, parks and nightlife. Show interest and you will be rewarded with wonderful results. Be kind in your actions and tone; you will find that you are handed the same if not better, right back. Try to implement a blend of options into your itinerary so that you get a true taste of different classes and tribes.

Be innovative and create your own little guidance book, even stick a couple maps in there that you can check out discretely when needed. Curate your own list of things to do and add any suggestions from locals directly in there, as you go along.

fishing huts
Flickr: Majorimi

Get by consciously

Rather than relying on tourist transit, enquire into the best local ways of travel and go for it. Whether you go by bike, motorbike, walk, train, rickshaw etc – make the most of it and learn through this. Being self-sufficient when it comes to transport not only grants you access to exploring on your own terms but it also keeps you safe from handling hawkers and guides trying to wheel you in for a scam.

Of course, travelling alone can appear scary to begin with but sooner or later that fear evaporates and you feel ultimately free and proud of yourself.

Bike Dubrovnik
Flickr: Peter Gostelow

Don’t behave like an outsider if you want to be let in

Engage in healthy and open-minded communication with locals the same way you would at home. Show intrigue and curiosity in people and their lifestyle. Give them the chance to talk about themselves and to share with you. Ask about family, faith, cuisine and their hobbies.

Be ready to answer questions about yourself as well as this is how positive exchanges work. What do you know about where you’re from that would be of interest to them? Talk about your upbringing, school life and family. Exchange knowledge together and build a sense of familiarity. Discuss music and films or even television, you’ll be surprised how much is out there that you’d never alone come across.

Forming connection is a big aspect of travelling, whether you’re an introvert or extrovert. Keeping these things in mind prepare you for an unforgettable experience worth documenting. Not only this, but you can meet some really awesome faces along the way and bring home a lot more than you left with! Remember to challenge yourself and don’t be thrown off by the unknown. Engulf yourself in local culture and go on a journey of discovery with plenty of confidence.

locals and boats
Flickr: Oliver Svob

Mindful practice

Familiarise yourself with the customs and ways of being belonging to the place you’re travelling to. Do all of this in advance so that you’re well prepared and bring a dose of gratitude to the table. Look into religious beliefs, traditional views and communication properly. What is acceptable in some parts of the world is deemed as rude in others. What is welcomed with open arms somewhere is frowned upon elsewhere. What mannerisms are considered humorous in some places are taken wrongly in others. You get the drift!

Be patient when communicating with locals as not only are you asking them for something and trying to make sense, but they are also doing their best to comprehend what it is you are saying. Be mindful when exchanging energy with the locals and show appreciation where required.

When travelling, it is vital to remember that not everyone has the same privileges, upbringing or opportunities handed to them. Try not to spend excessive amounts of time staring at anyone and especially do not do this when you stumble across a situation that appears negative in contrast to yours. Be understanding and try to remain as judgement free as possible. Not only will this make YOUR encounters more pleasant, but it will also mean a lot to those on the other end.

It’s no secret that economic status is turbulent worldwide and isn’t the same everywhere. Even if you feel like you’re only being nice and have good intentions, it’s best to keep certain things to yourself. Another key factor to be mindful of is that, most of the time, people have pride in what they do possess and aren’t on the lookout for your sympathy or pity.

Praying Mantis to show mindfulness
Flickr: Keyframer

On this note, the last pinch of advice we have is always aim for humbleness and gratitude when you are visitor. Regardless of where you find yourself on the globe, approach with consideration and care and you will be rewarded in the biggest currency and we’re not talking money!

Now that you’ve read all of this, could you do Dubrovnik like a local?

Written by Maya Barach