Event Yacht
Regina Maris Event Ship

Boat Equipment:

Shade Deck, Sundeck, Covered Terrace, Open Deck with Bar, AC Saloon with Bar, Restaurant Deck, Teak Floor, Ladies and Mens room, Flat Screen TV, Professional Kitchen, Night LED Lighting, Professional Stereo with wireless microphone.

The ‘Event Yacht’ is an event ship which can accommodate up to 180 people and provides all round excellent hospitality throughout its use. The vessel is equipped with state-of-the-art studio equipment, exuding elegance with its modern interior and beautiful decks. You can experience incredible scenery from every angle of this stunning ship, from morning to evening. Sunset gazing has never been so mesmerising in Dubrovnik as it is aboard this diamond. The vessel is fitted with night LED lighting and a powerful sound system therefore you are in charge of the atmosphere you want to set. If its space, luxury and homely-ness you have been searching for – we’ve got it covered.

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