Dubrovnik Galleon

Dubrovnik galleon

The Dubrovnik Galleon has been made as a replica of a 16th century merchant carrack, originating from Dubrovnik Republic. The Dubrovnik Galleon is a unique vessel. A five star event ship that provides full on-board catering services and complements Dubrovnik M.I.C.E. offer. Ideal for incentive programs, day or evening cruises, theme parties, team building, product presentation, wedding ceremonies, gala celebrations and more. Furthermore, it’s the perfect choice for those seeking to sail into a living history, all the while enjoying splendid views of the magnificent Dubrovnik area. The perfect traditional ship for sampling tasty Mediterranean food in style. The Karaka is the most authentic way to explore the Adriatic. Its’ elegant appearance and majestic history provide the ultimate regal feeling.

The Galleon takes us back in time as we float by the Old Town Walls, capturing the true essence of Dubrovnik’s historical heritage. Sailing by Galleon is an indescribable experience in itself. As you head out, your eyes open to the culture and way of life that surrounds you. A wonderful experience to immerse yourself in, from start to finish. The Karaka ship is brilliant for families with young children or larger groups. It boasts plenty of space to kick back and enjoy. Due to its old fashioned feel, the Galleon will bring you a film-worthy experience you won’t be able to forget.

Colnago 45

Colnago 45 Island Hvar Boat

Colnago 45 is a luxury speed boat waiting to whizz you off to the beautiful gems of Hvar Island. Get ready for a wholesome day of nothing but enjoyment and enchantment. With its size of 13.2 meters, it can comfortably fit up to 12 people on its teak deck. The vessel comes fully furnished with a toilet, shower and refrigerator. It has a powerful 500 HP engine, ensuring a smooth cruise across the sea in all its conditions.

The vessel has a lounge area covered by roof, as well as a spacious sundeck in the back and is equipped with a Bluetooth sound system. If you are searching for a lavish boat to show you the beauty of Hvar Island or you’re after a superbly fast transfer to Dubrovnik, Colnago 45 is a great choice for you.

This luxury speed boat is great for families with children and bigger groups. Combining practical function with just the right dose of comfort, the Colnago 45 brings you a rich but smooth sailing experience. Discover your surroundings in style. Get ready for the tour of your life as you head out into the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea. Leave your stresses behind and say hello to adventure.

Azimut 43

Azimut 54 Yacht Rent Dubrovnik

The Azimut 43 Yacht is exactly what you need if you’re looking to have an exceptional touring experience in Dubrovnik. This vessel is powerfully elegant when it comes to its exterior and truly highlights the definition of luxury and comfort through its interior. Not only does this yacht look astonishing but it is widely equipped . This gives its guests that instant ‘make yourself at home’ feel.

The outdoor space features a generous sundeck on its front and a large flybridge with a seating area. It also provides cosy sun lounges with sunshade as an option and much more. Worry less about heat and think more about relaxation. There is air conditioning throughout the vessel covering the master cabin, 2 single berths (each with its own en suite bathroom and shower), its fully equipped kitchen and a wonderful dining/living room.

The Azimut 43 yacht is an ideal choice when it comes to island hopping. It makes an amazing vessel for social/family gatherings and cruising along Croatia’s picturesque coastline. Overall a brilliant yacht for any tour or transfer, making any time spent on board greatly pleasurable. Experience the Adriatic Sea and all its charm aboard the beautiful Azimut 43 Yacht and truly let yourself unwind. What’s a Mediterranean vacation without sun, sailing and good company – choose magnificence.

Borna Day Cruiser

Borna Day Cruiser

The Borna Day Cruiser is a 10m long traditional Dubrovnik built vessel. The vessel consists of a cabin, toilet, shower and large swimming platform. This is the perfect cruiser for families looking to enjoy a day at sea in utmost tranquillity. Its hard top roof and bow serve as a sunbathing spot with an attached wooden interior kitchenette and a table away from the sun. Whether you’re here to catch a glowing tan or simply to absorb the beauty of the Adriatic, the Borna Day Cruiser is here to accommodate. The cruiser has a capacity of up to 12 people. Great for bigger groups and families.

Amongst our wide variety of vessels, this cruiser is one of few traditional vessels. This is a highly functional cruiser with plenty of space and equipment inside. You have all the accessories you’ll need for your trip on board. This being said, although we provide refreshing beverages on board all of our tours – we do not provide food. You have the option of bringing your own snacks / lunch or our team can make restaurant reservations on your behalf. Nonetheless, there is a handful of exquisite restaurants to eat at, scattered around the surrounding islands.

Traditional Galleon

Mare Galleon

If it’s that authentic and traditional feeling you’ve been looking for – Look no further as this traditional Croatian wooden ship is here to fulfil that! The Galleon was entirely rebuilt in 2005 and is fully equipped from kitchen to sound system. The traditional Galleon is usually seen covering the 3 islands cruise itinerary, with lunch served on board. The hosting of events is also available on this grand vessel, whatever event you have in mind – She’s perfect! The ship has a capacity of up to 40 people and is also great for panoramic tours around Dubrovnik.

Event Yacht

Regina Maris Event Ship

The ‘Event Yacht’ is an event ship which can accommodate up to 180 people and provides all round excellent hospitality throughout its use. The vessel is equipped with state-of-the-art studio equipment, exuding elegance with its modern interior and beautiful decks. You can experience incredible scenery from every angle of this stunning ship, from morning to evening. Sunset gazing has never been so mesmerising in Dubrovnik as it is aboard this diamond. The vessel is fitted with night LED lighting and a powerful sound system therefore you are in charge of the atmosphere you want to set. If its space, luxury and homely-ness you have been searching for – we’ve got it covered.

Jeanneau Prestige 440

Prestige 440

The Prestige 440 designer pushed the design envelope in order to develop an interior that prioritises space and light. The vessels wide body concept uses the maximum beam in the saloon combined with large windows to shower the interior with light. This creates that spacious airy feeling throughout the vessel. The deck and flybridge harness exceptional comfort. The hull design is surprisingly restful whilst sailing, providing a smooth riding experience. The Jeanneau Prestige 440 yacht has so much to offer and shapes your entire experience with its elegance.

The vessels exterior is timeless in its design, with tons of space for soaking up the sun. The Jeanneau Prestige 440 yacht interior is breathtakingly modern and well equipped, with a capacity of up to 12 people. In terms of voyage, this is a great selection for longer trips and island hopping. As all our tours are exclusive, you can choose the duration and destination/s for your tour. This means that you get complete control over how much time you spend on the marvellous Jeanneau Prestige. Make yourself as comfy as possible and prepare to embark on the cruise of your dreams. If you are seeking a refreshing getaway, away from the crowds, you are in the right place.

Ferretti Fly 43

ferretti fly 43 yacht dubrovnik

The Ferretti Fly 43 yacht consists of the luxury and styling found amongst the better-built boats in its class. Essentially the focus of the yacht lays on the couple seeking to entertain or the family craving an all-inclusive feeling whilst bonding. Starting with a large flybridge which leads down to a covered cockpit that extends onto the large salon inside, the vessel’s layout is a complete dream.

The galley is located next to the sliding doors which lead to the cockpit. Below you can find the master suite, VIP suite and guest cabin that can accommodate up to 6 people for overnight stays. You can also find sun loungers above deck where you can unwind and soak in the Mediterranean sun rays or you can kick back and watch something on the flat screen tv inside. The yacht also has a wonderful outdoor shower for when you require extra refreshment.

The Ferretti Fly 43 yacht has many attractive features to complete your luxury sailing experience. Inside you can find the salon and bar area, including an ice machine, wine and spirits bar and a coffee machine. Although most people take a tour in order to ‘disconnect’ and explore, there is wifi on board. Inside you can find a refrigerator and freezer as well as a dvd player and sound system. So make yourself at home and leave the steering to us. We can assure you that you will feel completely taken care of on board. 

Fairline Phantom 40

Fairline Phantom 40

The Fairline Phantom 40 is the perfect family cruising yacht. It is great for a day spent wandering across Dubrovnik’s collection of islands. The yacht is designed to accommodate up to 12 people, providing you with maximum comfort and space. The vessel itself encapsulates exclusivity, elegance and great performance all in one. Indulge in its stylish features as you smoothly sail across the Adriatic surrounded by unreal scenery and immaculate vibes. All our vessels are well equipped and come with a sound system for you to play your favourite tunes on. The Fairline Phantom 40 is great for families or groups of friends looking to island hop and explore their surroundings.

Whether you’re planning a longer day trip or a prompt Blue Cave visit, we can assure you that the Fairline Phantom yacht will satisfy your needs. Explore Dubrovnik are proud providers of exclusive yacht rental, our aim is to bring you the best experiences only.

So, if you are ready to turn off your notifications and immerse yourself in a day full of splendid views and delicious cuisine, we are here. If you would rather spend the day swimming and discovering hidden coves, we are also here. Whatever it is you have in mind, our team is here to provide you with just that. Simply select your vessel of choice and let’s get touring. The beauty of the Adriatic awaits!

Jeanneau Leader 8

Jeanneau Leader 8

The Jeanneau Leader 8 features seaworthiness, comfort and innovation as the fundamental values of the Jeanneau brand. All of these attributes can be found in the Jeanneau Leader 8. From peaceful ‘every day’ gatherings with friends and family, to exciting champagne popping afternoons with colleagues. This is the vessel for you. Throughout your time spent on board, you will enjoy nothing but magnificent handling and performance. The vessel also features a distinctive style, a remarkably ergonomic deck plan and a bright interior.

The vessel has a capacity of up to 7 people making it perfect for families and groups of friends. Due to the build of the boat there is plenty of room for chilling out and catching up as well as catching rays from the sun. Depending on what you would like to see and how much time you would like to spend, we can craft the perfect tour for you.

Nothing says ‘I’m on holiday’ more than cruising the gorgeous Mediterranean in style, aboard the Jeanneau Leader. Wave stress goodbye as you embark on a wonderful trip, saturated in relaxation, good vibes and beautiful scenery. All our vessels are well equipped and come with a sound system for you to play your favourite tunes on.