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Self-care: Method Sea

It’s no secret that the ocean bears hundreds of benefits known to man and has been perceived as a great healer for centuries. You may or may not be aware of all the greatness the sea itself offers and this is why we will be enlightening you through the course of this post. People have been running to the sea in attempt to rectify both interior and exterior complexes for years. From depression and anxiety to skin concerns and chronic illness, the sea has been an outlet for many seeking recovery, peace of mind and optimised well-being. Come with us on an educational eye-opening walk as we elaborate on the different aspects of what you can extract and how to do so effectively.

Why swim in the sea?

A whopping 8 million people take great pleasure in swimming outdoors due to its uplifting impact on both mind and body. Cold water swimming has incomparable health benefits that cannot be found elsewhere and it takes actively exploring this for yourself to really comprehend the root of it. The healing benefits of the ocean are one of mother nature’s many miracles given to man and we encourage everyone who feels comfortable in doing so to experience this for themselves. Benefits of swimming in the sea are endless, here’s why:

The great thing about getting acquainted with sea swimming is that you open yourself up to upgrading your circulatory system whilst boosting your immune system as naturally as possible. The process is as simple as this: Blood starts flowing as your system adjusts to the water temperature, causing your blood to plummet itself through your veins at great speed which results in enhanced circulation. Another additional fact that is widely talked about is that due to temperature change, your immune system experiences a reboot and pushes your body to create more white blood cells. Amazing right?

Very often you’ll hear swim enthusiasts ramble on about how swimming in cold water shocks the system and releases all the negatively pent up stuff from within. Not only this but it gives you a burst of endorphins as do many forms of proactive exercise and is a fantastic method to banish stress from the body, clear the mind and so forth. The mental health benefits of sea swimming are just the tip of the iceberg, brace yourselves as you’re about to discover a whole lot more.

As humans, we have many ways of detoxifying and mending ourselves; after all, we live in a world where self-care has become more valid than ever and taking ‘time out’ for yourself is crucial whilst coexisting in a fast-paced environment. Ever heard of saltwater being used in costly spa retreats? Yeah we have too and here’s why.  Saltwater contains an immense amount of magnesium, calcium, potassium and iodine. What this means is that these are all qualities the sea uses to help us heal. Those who have fallen under the wrath of eczema or acne would’ve heard about this by now. The benefits of sea water for skin cannot be compared to those of creams, ‘miracle’ serums or balms. A swim in cold water unclogs the pores and enables your body to soak in rich nutrients as well as diminish any harmful toxins your skin has been harnessing.

Benefits of having one-on-one encounters with marine life are endless, here’s why:

Interacting with wildlife has always been one of life’s many curiosities, whether you enjoy admiring fellow exist-ers or whether you are extremely passionate about the earths wonder, it would be very difficult not to notice the amazing organisms we share our planet with. As people most of us crave human contact whether that be hanging out with friends or hugging a partner. We need connection in order to feel content within.

But sometimes humans are tiring and overwhelming. This doesn’t mean that our desire for contact diminishes. This is where animals and plants swoop in. Wildlife is a great way to get this form of connectedness without constantly dealing with other people and their chaotic thought patterns. Often, interacting with wildlife gives us exactly what we need in order to feel alive and balanced, minus the draining and effort-pulling notions. Having close encounters with marine life is a lovely way to ease your shoulders, take a deep breath and sort through your thoughts strategically.

By foot you can stumble across rock pools, beautiful botanic species as well as discovering breath-taking views from higher up. The charm behind exploring marine life from the shore is that you can go seal or dolphin spotting and watch the birds on their fishing endeavours, all whilst being respectful and mindful in your presence and that’s the beauty of it. If you really want to unleash your inner explorer you can take a Private Boat Tour where you can further access secluded locations seeping with untouched nature, entangling greenery and a wider range of animals.

What’s wonderful about this is that you get to go on the water (think mental benefits) whilst discovering species comfortably existing in their habitats undisturbed. By engaging in this manner, you expose yourself to the sheer essence of nature which can be a life changing experience. Our perception of the planet constantly fluctuates and there’s no better way to deepen your understanding than putting yourself out there. Why not broaden your perspective and let your mind breathe a little? Seize the benefits of the sea!

Why spend time by the sea?

The answer is quite straightforward.

We’re aware that swimming isn’t for everyone and that is entirely ok. You do not have to physically plunge yourself into the water to yield the positives. Spending time within oceans reach alone also comes with some marvellous pros. Separating time to be at one with nature can improve your confidence, social interactions, physical health and catapult your mood into a tunnel of self-love, gratitude and appreciation.

Going outside means that you’re absorbing plenty of authentic vitamin D which encourages the body to grab the best nutrients from meals, ensuring ultimate bone, teeth and muscle performance. The natural lighting aids in levelling melatonin levels equalling a better sleep whilst showering you with an abundance of energy. The air found around the oceans crust is exceptionally useful for those who suffer from bronchitis, asthma and hay fever alike. Even a week away by the sea can work miracles for the entire immune system as it detoxes the body and bounces the mind back into harmony. Talk about stroking serotonin levels!

Taking a break from the city is a perfect way to really bond with nature as you feel little grains of sand slithering their way through the cracks of your toes. Come to a still and let the wind caress your face as you focus of taking deep breaths. We promise that this will leave your respiratory system feeling brand new. Vacations near the ocean have grown in popularity over the last decade or so and it’s no surprise. There’s nothing quite like escaping the ordinary and grounding yourself, benefits of the sea at your fingertips.

As mentioned above, the sea and its surroundings act as a massive playground for physical exercise and gives you mind-blowing views to feast on in the process. Whether you decide on a full-on work out by the water, a recharging stroll or a paddling adventure, there are so many options to choose from and all of them are accompanied by dazzling benefits. There’s something about exercising by the ocean that brings a great wave of peace as well as release.

We know that some of you may not be used to going in the sea, here are some tips for getting started:

  1. Go into the water slowly and throw water over your body gently before going in completely. This is so that you don’t experience a shock from the cold water.
  2. Take frequent swims to get your body used to the water, this will help you build up the core strength to swim throughout the year.
  3. Set yourself realistic goals such as specific timing for when you’re in the water.
  4. Do not try to swim past a certain point alone and always let someone know where / when you’re going swimming to be on the safe side.
  5. Buy some sea slippers so that you don’t feel uncomfortable when your feet touch rock and plant surfaces.
  6. Don’t over step your boundaries and monitor your progress.

Mould your outlook: learn to love the benefits of the sea

So we’ve established that many embrace sea water benefits for skin and turn to sea water therapy. Ocean benefits to humans are a gift from mother nature that should definitely be utilised for greater good! The mental health benefits of sea swimming can result in exhilarating emotion and a level headed approach to everything that follows. We’ve given you more than 5 uses of ocean water above which you can explore for yourself and enjoy. In answer to the question, “does your body absorb salt water from the ocean,” we say YES. For so many reasons. Overall, the sea is full of benefits – inside and out! From giving us sea moss and seaweed saturated in rich minerals for ingestion to optimal physical health as well as tranquillity of mind, what more could we ask for?

The ocean is somewhat a like a diamond in the rough and continues to contribute to our wellbeing infinitely. Many of us are oblivious to how precious it is and all it offers us. This is why we encourage you to get your own dose of Vitamin sea and to be considerate of your surroundings in doing so. After all, what we take care off takes care of us and we think that’s out of this world.  

Written by Maya Barach

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