“Regina Maris” is a event ship, yacht which can accommodate up to 200 people and provide them with excellent hospitality services. It is equipped with state-of-the-art audio equipment, it exudes elegance with its modern interior and beautiful decks from which you will experience unforgettable sea and islands scenery and unique sunsets. It is different every time we set sails.

She is newly built steel hull vessel slightly with 2 decks, fully air conditioned saloon with bar and 20 seating places. Spacious covered deck behind the saloon stretching all the way to the stern. Teak floor and tables in 3 rows, total capacity of 90 seating places. Upper terrace is over the whole ship and has open space on the bow and stern, middle part is covered. Open spaces have sunbeds, as well as leather beds on the bow.

Regina Maris can host host special events, weddings, entertainment, sightseeing tours, sunset cruise and fine dining experiences.

Extra options and facilities :

  • 2 bars (saloon and terrace)
  • kitchen and cook
  • outdoor and indoor showers
  • 4 restrooms
  • rooms
  • air condition
  • led color controllable lights
  • professional sound system

If You want to feel something authentic, then You will enjoy sailing on this Croatian traditional wooden ship. The ship was completely rebuilt in 2005 and is equipped with kitchen, toilet, stereo system. She is usually sailing on 3 islands cruise itinerary, with lunch served on board. Also she can host events and is perfect for panoramic tours around Dubrovnik.