Because there are so many options for boating excursions around Dubrovnik, and because every group has unique interests, our company organizes only personalized, private tours. This means that you choose the length and time of your tour, as well as your destination(s) and type of activities: whether you’re looking for a short panorama tour by speedboat, or a luxurious multiple day yacht cruise, we will design a tour just for you.

Even if you are in town for only a few short hours, you have time for a panorama tour around the beautiful Dubrovnik coastline and famous city walls. These short trips only last 1-2 hours and are especially popular at sunset. For those of you staying longer, we recommend a half or full day excursion to visit some of our local islands. Croatia has over 1200 Islands, each one more peaceful and beautiful than the last, so it would be a shame to spend your vacation here without seeing at least a couple of them.

From the main port of Gruž, it only takes about 20 min to get to the Elaphiti Archipelago, so a Half Day Tour is great for those looking for a bit of adventure and some beautiful nature close to town. Of the three main (inhabited) islands, you can easily visit one or two in a half day. Some of our guests make it to all three islands in the four hour time slot, but if you want to spend time in the sea, this will probably feel rushed.


During the hot summer months, the Blue Cave on Koločep and the famous Šunj Beach of Lopud are ideal if you like swimming and snorkeling. Our skippers know all of the best spots for cliff jumping on the islands, too, for the adrenaline seekers. If you want to visit some of the islands’ historical villages instead, you might consider the old Monastery and Rector’s Palace on Šipan.

Since this is a private tour, you get to decide on your own itinerary and you are free to change it throughout the day. Your skipper can advise you about the area and help you make the most of your time. Some of our guests start out their Half Day Tour planning to visit all three islands, end up falling in love with the first one, and stay there all afternoon. Other groups move along more quickly and have time to visit something extra before heading back to Dubrovnik. It’s 100% flexible, and it’s 100% up to you.

If you definitely want to see all three Elaphiti Islands, set aside some time for swimming, and/or enjoy some great local cuisine, we recommend a six to eight hour tour. With this option you will spend a full day on the sea, relax in some nice private bays, and take your pick from several amazing restaurants on the islands or Dubrovnik coastline*. Depending on how long you stay on each island, you may even have time to visit the lovely Trsteno arboretum, in coastal Primorije. At the end of the day, get your camera ready for a breathtaking Adriatic sunset on the boat ride back into town.

Full Day Tours are also ideal for our guests wanting to explore more distant destinations. Ten miles beyond the Elaphiti Archipelago, Mljet Island is home to one of our largest and most famous national parks. Korčula Island, located at the very end of the Pelješac Peninsula, is famous for its small but stunning Old Town. These destinations and more are possible if you decide to book a full eight hour tour.

Contact us or request a call, and one of our customer service representatives will help you choose the best boat tour for your specific group, budget and time frame.

*While we are happy to make restaurant reservations for your group, our tour pricing does not include meals.

Dubrovnik Sunset

Elafiti Islands Half Day

Mljet Island

Lopud & Blue Cave Koločep

Elafiti Islands Full Day