With Explore Dubrovnik Boat Rentals and personalised boat tours, you will explore the entire Dubrovnik Riviera and local islands away from the crowds on your own schedule and at your own pace. Full of hidden gems, Dubrovnik nautical surroundings offer breathtaking natural, cultural and historical attractions. However, most of them are not in plain sight or accessible by standard routes listed in guide books and tourist brochures. With our private boat rentals you will discover secret bays, hidden caves and peaceful beaches that are off the beaten path.

Early Bird Special Offer :

4 hours Private Boat Tour to Elafiti Islands :

up to 4 passengers : 260 EUR

up to 8 passengers : 340 EUR

8 hours Private Boat Tour to Elafiti Islands :

up to 4 passengers : 380 EUR

up to 8 passengers : 460 EUR

8 hours Private Boat Tour to Mljet Island :

up to 8 passengers : 600 EUR





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For your convenience, we have three main departure points in town. You should decide on a location based on where you are staying in Dubrovnik:

  • Dubrovnik Old Town Port
  • Gruž Port
  • Orsan Yacht Club

If you are not close to any of our departure points, we still offer door to deck service at no extra cost. Just tell us where you are staying in Dubrovnik, and one of our professional drivers will pick you up by car or van 15 minutes before your tour to take you to the boat.

Once you have chosen a departure point and decided which boat is the best fit for your group, you get to choose how long you’d like to be on the sea. We offer Half-Day (4h), Medium-Day (6h) and Full-Day (8h) tours. If you are truly short on time, you might even consider a panorama tour at sunset, which only lasts 1½ to 2 hours.


  • Half-Day Tour : This option gives you enough time to see one Island properly, or two islands briefly. It take approximately 20 min to reach closest island Koločep, which has a Blue Cave, nice private bays surrounded by cliffs, and two quaint villages. There is no car traffic on islands this small, so you can really feel relaxed. Lopud Island is next up, about another 10 min up the coast. Lopud is famous for the beautiful sandy beach Šunj, where the shallow water is perfect especially for families with kids. On the northern part of the Island is a small town where you will find an old monastery and church, a couple of restaurants, and one of the region’s oldest botanical gardens. The gardens are nice and shady, so it’s a great place for a cool walk on a hot afternoon. The third main Elaphiti Island, and the furthest away from Dubrovnik, is Šipan. A fisherman’s paradise with a population of only 500, Šipan is the largest and most rural of the three islands. Its fertile valleys are used for local wine and olive oil production, but it is also the place to look for domestic figs, almonds, oranges, and of course rakijka (the local brandy). Šipan has some lovely walking paths, a small port town, and peaceful rocky beaches. Because it is the furthest away, most people choose to see Šipan as a secondary destination on a Medium or Full Day Tour (6-8hrs).


  • Medium-Day Tour : Basically it’s the Half Day Tour, but better. Explore Koločep or Lopud without feeling rushed, and then use your extra two hours to visit a fabulous restaurant or explore Šipan Island. If you fall in love with one of the beautiful beaches or caves, you can even spend the extra two hours swimming and snorkeling. The itinerary is flexible: you can decide beforehand what you’d like to see, or you can ask our skipper for suggestions at the start of your tour. And you can always change it up throughout the day.


  • Full-Day Tour : Relax, enjoy, and take your time. Explore all three Elaphiti Islands and maybe even a couple of locations on the Primorije coast. This is an easy-going tour where you get to spend a full day on the sea like the locals do. Flexibility is at maximum. Go for a swim, have lunch at an island restaurant, relax in the sun, snorkel, cliff jump, discover hidden bays, in the true Mediterranean style.

Your boat rental comes with a professional, experienced Skipper (Captain) who will operate the boat and act as your private guide for the day. All of our skippers are locals who know the area very well, so they can tell you about the places you’re seeing, as well as provide advice to make your tour as fun, efficient, and safe as possible. Fuel is also included in the price, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected costs or charges. Water (still & sparkling), juice, soft drinks, and beer are available throughout the tour free of charge. We also have complimentary Dry Bags to protect your valuables from getting wet. With Snorkel Masks and Underwater Camera* you will have great fun and also keep nice memories. We can send you photos or transfer them to your phone after the tour. Each of our boats is equipped with a Sound system and Bluetooth connectivity, so you can listen to your own music, or simply enjoy the peace and quiet of nature. The boat will also have a shower to wash off the sand from the beach, because your comfort is our top priority.

*while the Underwater Camera is available for all rentals, it is only complimentary with the Barracuda 545 and Quicksilver 675 speedboats. For other boat rentals, there may be an additional fee to rent the Underwater Camera. Contact us for more details.

Sometimes we get special requests for services like Drone Photography. Some of our skippers know how to operate a drone to take photos and videos of you on the boat, in the bays and in front of Old Town Dubrovnik. If you are a bigger group of friends, you can also take 2 or 3 boats and get great side-by-side shots. A Fishing License and Fishing Equipment is also an available on request.

If you are celebrating a Special Occasion (anniversaries, marriage proposals, etc.), we are happy to make restaurant reservations or organize something special on the boat. If you want an extra romantic atmosphere, we can even hire a private musician for the evening! Whatever you have in mind, just let us know a bit in advance (at least a couple of days) and we will do our best to help make your day perfect.

The Adriatic Sea is not an Ocean; it is enclosed by Italy from the west and Istria from the North. During the season the sea here is mostly calm, and even on a windy day the Elaphiti Islands act as a shield from the open sea. Therefore sea conditions rarely get bad in Dubrovnik’s nautical surroundings.

In the rare case that our skipper decides to cancel due to storms or bad weather, we will either reschedule you for another day or reimburse 100% of your payment.

  • Departure Point: if you leave from Gruž Port or Orsan Yacht Club, you will be closer to the Islands and you can save 10 min travel time.
  • Take advantage of our Pick-up Service: otherwise, you might have trouble finding the boat and lose precious time.
  • Be sure of your physical condition: there are no lifeguards on duty at the beaches and caves we visit on our tours. Some activities like cliff jumping can be dangerous, and you need to know your limits because you are swimming at your own risk.
  • Don’t drink 10 liters of water right before departure: most of our boats don’t have toilets.
  • Always bring a sweater or light jacket: even if it is expected to be beautiful weather, it can get chilly on the boat, especially after a swim.

Because Dubrovnik and the islands get busy during the summer months, and because it can be especially tricky to navigate the ports, we don’t usually recommend renting a boat without a skipper. However, if you have a boating license and you really want to be your own captain, we do offer our Rascala 500 for Half and Full Day rentals. With this option, we start you with a full tank, and you pay for any fuel you use in addition to the rental price.

After enjoying a day at sea, many of our guests want to see Mostar, Međugorije, Kravice Waterfalls, Korčula Island, or the Bay of Kotor, in Montenegro. These destinations and more are easily accessible from Dubrovnik by car or minivan, and you can see any one of them in a day. If you would like to book a private driving tour with your own personal chauffeur and guide, we can offer you a loyalty discount. Just contact our sales team and we will be happy to arrange a customized tour, or tours, for your group.